Solar road is generating more power than expected


In the six months it’s been in use an experimental bike path that also functions as a giant solar cell has far exceeded expectations – and that has scientists eyeing roadways as possible sources of solar energy to power street lights, traffic systems, and electric cars.   Continue reading… “Solar road is generating more power than expected”

Volvo cuts turnaround time by 94% using 3D printing


Stratasys announced an interesting fact:  Since using Stratasys 3D printing technology at its engine production facility in Lyon, France, Volvo Trucks is experiencing dramatically decreased turnaround times of assembly line manufacturing tools with turnaround times having dropped by more than 94%.   Continue reading… “Volvo cuts turnaround time by 94% using 3D printing”

Automakers rushing to double electric car milage

Th!nk City electric cars at a test drive event, Washington DC

Betting that technical breakthroughs by big battery suppliers such as LG Chem Ltd will jump-start demand and pull them abreast of Tesla Motors Inc, global automakers are readying a new generation of mass-market electric cars with more than double the driving range of today’s Nissan Leaf.   Continue reading… “Automakers rushing to double electric car milage”

Elon Musk: Charging locations to be “Virtually Everywhere”


If you are familiar with electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors, you have probably heard of its Superchargers, the rapidly expanding network of charging locations is enabling long-distance travel in the Model S in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, China, and Japan.   Continue reading… “Elon Musk: Charging locations to be “Virtually Everywhere””

Germany is reserving part of autobahn for driverless car testing


Germany’s Transportation Ministry spokesman Ingo Strater told reporters yesterday that plans call for a driverless-car pilot project on a portion of the A9 autobahn, the north-south artery that connects Munich and Berlin.  Though tests have already been done on driverless cars in the U.S. and Germany, the project would be one of the first to equip a stretch of public highway specifically for that purpose. Continue reading… “Germany is reserving part of autobahn for driverless car testing”

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