7 Billion


Sometime this year, the world’s population will pass the 7 billion mark. By 2045, that figure is expected to be 9 billion. National Geographic is beginning a year-long series on how the world’s population came to be, where we are headed, and the challenges that come with so many of us living together. Those challenges include energy consumption, education, birth control, natural resources, immigration, and more.

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Driving a Convertible with the Top Down Could Damage Your Health

driving convertible

Driving a convertible exposes drivers and passengers to dangerous noise levels. 

Driving a convertible with the top down could expose you to dangerous noise levels on a par with a building site, claims a new study.  Levels as high as 100 decibels were recorded at speeds of 75mph which for long periods could lead to damage to hearing.

Hyper-Texting Linked to Risky Behavior in Teenagers

texting teen

Too many text messages and social networking linked to risky behavior.

Parents of text-crazed teenagers might have more to be concerned about than sky-high cell phone bills, according to a Case Western Reserve University study that links excessive use of popular high-tech communications to risky health behaviors.


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Scientists Find Evidence For ‘Chronesthesia,’ or Mental Time Travel

time_travel 23456

Is your brain aware of more than the time right now?

Researchers have found evidence for “chronesthesia,” which is the brain’s ability to be aware of the past and future, and to mentally travel in subjective time. They found that activity in different brain regions is related to chronesthetic states when a person thinks about the same content during the past, present, or future…

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A Step Closer to a Simple Blood Test That Can Detect Cancer

 blood test

Blood test will be able to detect one cancer cell among a billion healthy cells.

A blood test so sensitive it can spot a single cancer cell lurking among a billion healthy ones is moving a step closer to being available at your doctor’s office, with potentially revolutionary medical implications.


Are Humans Becoming More Stupid? Man’s Brain Has Been Shrinking Over Last 20,000 Years


A 3D image replica of a 28,000-year-old skull found in France shows it was 20 per cent larger than ours.

It’s not something we’d like to admit, but it seems the human race may actually be becoming increasingly dumb.  Man’s brain has been gradually shrinking over the last 20,000 years, according to a new report.


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Alzheimer’s Therapy Allows Patient Anything They Want, Even Chocolate


Comforting food improves patients’ behavior and mood because it “sends messages they can still understand.

Margaret Nance was, to put it mildly, a difficult case. Agitated, combative, often reluctant to eat, she would hit staff members and fellow residents at nursing homes, several of which kicked her out. But when Beatitudes nursing home agreed to an urgent plea to accept her, all that changed.


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