New Concept Lets Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Drive on Water

A James Bond-inspired concept will allow Elon Musk’s Cybertruck to be driven on water.

The Cybercat idea is designed to quickly transform Tesla’s vehicle into an all-electric high performance amphibious catamaran.

It sees the addition of electric outboard motors, pontoons, and optional hydrofoils in the Foiler model, which fold or collapse into parts to be stored in the vehicle.

They can then be installed “by a single person in less time than it takes to launch a boat.”

Elon Musk has previously said the Cybertruck design “influenced partly by The Spy Who Loved Me”, and even bought the 1976 Lotus Espirit featured in the film.

Now Cybercat creator Anthony Diamond believes that taking the vehicle onto the water will “pay homage to this passion.”

He explains, “We believe that with more than 1.3 million Cybertruck reservations, the market potential for Cybercat is immense and total gross margins comparable to those generated from the Tesla Model S and X vehicle lines combined are achievable.”

The Cybercat has estimated pricing of between $22,900 and $32,900, while the Foiler would market at $35,400 to $42,900.

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Tesla launches $1,900 Cyberquad for Kids

You can’t get the Cyberquad yet, but your kids can!

By Stan Schroeder

Remember when Elon Musk promised a Tesla ATV called Cyberquad? Well, the actual Cyberquad isn’t quite here, but Tesla quietly launched something similar: the Cyberquad for Kids (yes, that’s the official name). 

The small, four-wheel ATV has a lithium-ion battery that gives it 15 miles of range and a top speed of 10 mph. It has a full steel frame, cushioned seat, adjustable suspension, rear disc brakes, and LED light bars on the front.

Visually, the Cyberquad for Kids looks pretty cool, and is probably a good indication of what the Cyberquad for grown-ups is going to look like when it finally launches (presumably alongside the upcoming Cybertruck). Tesla says it’s suitable for kids age 8 and up, with the maximum weight capacity being 150 lbs.

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‘Tesla In Tunnels’ Project Of Elon Musk’s Boring Company Gets Green Light To Expand In Las Vegas

By Madhukumar Warrier 

What Happened: The Boring Company took to Twitter to announce that the transportation system, dubbed the “Vegas Loop,” is expanding and thanked the regulators for their approval.

The regulatory approval would enable the company to expand the Vegas Loop system to a 29-mile route with 51 stations.

Clark County said that the system would have the capacity to transport 57,000 passengers per hour and that no taxpayer money would be spent to build the project.

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Tesla Giga Texas to produce the safest ATV in the market alongside the Cybertruck

By Maria Merano

Tesla Giga Texas will produce the Cyberquad, the ATV that debuted alongside the Cybertruck. The Cyberquad gained popularity after its appearance during the Cybertruck unveiling, even appearing in one of Travis Scott’s music videos. 

“So we’re definitely making the Cybertruck here,” reaffirmed Elon Musk at the recent Annual Shareholders Meeting, referring to Giga Texas. “And so probably the ATV, too,” he added. 

When he talked about Tesla’s ATV, Musk was referring to the Cyberquad. The Tesla CEO provided a few details about the upcoming all-electric recreational vehicle. Musk took particular note with regards to the ATV’s safety, stating that since ATVs are inherently dangerous vehicles, Tesla would ensure that the Cyberquad is as safe as possible. 

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Elon Musk promises to add a Full Self-Driving button to Tesla cars – ET Auto

Elon Musk has been promising the FSD package to Tesla buyers for at least six months.

Tesla is poised to introduce the Full Self-Driving package, also called FSD package, to its cars this week. The beta version of the software has already been pushed out to selected users. Tesla owners who have already paid for the controversial software can request for FSD Beta software and will be granted access based on their driving behaviour.

“Beta button will request permission to assess driving behavior using the Tesla insurance calculator. If driving behavior is good for 7 days, beta access will be granted.” Elon Musk replied to a Twitter user.

Although Tesla has characterised even the newest version of FSD Beta features as a Level 2 drivers assistance system, videos posted by testers show cars driving on streets without any human intervention. 

Elon Musk has been promising the FSD package to Tesla buyers for at least six months. “Build 8.3 of FSD should be done QA testing by end of next week, so that’s roughly when download button should show up [SIC],” said Musk in March.

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Tesla is working on an AI-powered humanoid robot

The Tesla Bot will be designed to perform dangerous and boring tasks for humans.

By M. Moon

Tesla is building a humanoid robot simply called the Tesla Bot, Elon Musk has revealed at the automaker’s (and, perhaps, soon-to-be-robotmaker’s) AI Day event. It’s intended to be friendly, he said, and be slow and weak enough that you can outrun and overpower it — you know, just in case the robot uprising does happen in the future. 

The Tesla Bot will run on an artificial intelligence system, not unlike the company’s Autopilot technology for its vehicles. It will be designed to do various dangerous and repetitive tasks for humans and navigate our world without having to be fed step-by-step instructions. Musk said it should be able to follow simple commands, like “Please pick up that bolt and attach it to the car with that wrench.” It should also be able to get groceries for owners and perform other menial tasks.

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Tesla Packs 50 Billion Transistors Onto D1 Dojo Chip Designed to Conquer Artificial Intelligence Training

D1 deliver 362 TeraFLOPs of power

By Aleksandar Kostovic

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen a broad adoption over the past couple of years. At Tesla, who as many know is a company that works on electric and autonomous vehicles, AI has a massive value to every aspect of the company’s work. To speed up the AI software workloads, Tesla has today presented its D1 Dojo custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for AI training.

There are currently many companies building ASICs for AI workloads. Everyone from countless number of start-ups, all the way to big players like Amazon, Baidu, Intel and NVIDIA. However, not everyone gets the formula right and not everyone can satisfy each workload perfectly. That is the reason why Tesla opted to develop its own ASIC for AI training purposes.

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Tesla to launch ridesharing app, with Tesla’s Driver Insurance

While Uber and Lyft have been dominating the ridesharing industry and revolutionizing urban mobility, they’re likely to meet a new top competitor in Tesla. 

The company has had its own ridesharing app in the works for some time. Uber and Lyft are at a disadvantage, as neither of them has made a profit.

Much of this has been attributed to how they’ve relied heavily on venture capital and IPO filings to stay afloat which has put them in a bind.

A loss of $1 billion like Uber took in 2019 will take its toll.Uber’s profit margins have been a point of increasing concern for investors. The company collects fares from each ride to pay off its revenue and operating costs, but the amount it earns doesn’t even cover that expense.

Therefore, Uber has continued to lose money every quarter since their IPO in 2017. The debate over whether the Transportation Network Companies (TNC) will remain unprofitable or could be a booming new industry of the future continues.

A new competitor with something greater to offer entering the picture could change all of that. This has led many to keep their eyes on Tesla to see how it performs because of its advancements. While talk of an autonomous driving network is on the horizon, Tesla is set to launch their ridesharing app with drivers.

Because of this, the company will be able to utilize one of its latest services — a car insurance program. Drivers for the Tesla network will be covered directly through the company.

It is believed that a human-driven ridesharing app will give Tesla multiple advantages over the competition, especially when it comes to financial and insurance efficiency.

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Tesla has activated its in-car camera to monitor drivers using Autopilot

By Kirsten Korosec

Tesla has enabled the in-car camera in its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to monitor drivers when its Autopilot advanced driver assistance system is being used.

In a software update, Tesla indicated the “cabin camera above the rearview mirror can now detect and alert driver inattentiveness while Autopilot is engaged.” Notably, Tesla has a closed loop system for the data, meaning imagery captured by the camera does not leave the car. The system cannot save or transit information unless data sharing is enabled, according to Tesla. The firmware update was cited by a number of Tesla owners, industry watchers and bloggers who are active on Twitter.

Tesla has faced criticism for not activating a driver monitoring system within the vehicle even as evidence mounted that owners were misusing the system. Owners have posted dozens of videos on YouTube and TikTok abusing the Autopilot system — some of whom have filmed themselves sitting in the backseat as the vehicle drives along the highway. Several fatal crashes involving Tesla vehicles that had Autopilot engaged has put more pressure on the company to act.

Until now, Tesla has not used the camera installed in its vehicles and instead relied on sensors in the steering wheel that measured torque — a method that is supposed to require the driver to keep their hands on the wheel. Drivers have documented and shared on social media how to trick the sensors into thinking a human is holding the wheel.

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Tesla wants to make every home a distributed power plant

Aria Alamalhodaei

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to turn every home into a distributed power plant that would generate, store and even deliver energy back into the electricity grid, all using the company’s products.

While the company has been selling solar and energy storage products for years, a new company policy to only sell solar coupled with the energy storage products, along with Musk’s comments Monday, reveal a strategy that aims to scale these businesses by appealing to utilities.

“This is a prosperous future both for Tesla and for the utilities,” he said. “If this is not done, the utilities will fail to serve their customers. They won’t be able to do it,” Musk said during an investor call, noting the rolling blackouts in California last summer and the more recent grid failure in Texas as evidence that grid reliability has become a bigger concern.

Last week, the company changed its website to prevent customers from only buying solar or its Powerwall energy storage product and instead required purchasing a system. Musk later announced the move in a tweet, stating “solar power will feed exclusively to Powerwall” and that “Powerwall will interface only between utility meter and house main breaker panel, enabling super simple install and seamless whole house backup during utility dropouts.”

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Elon Musk wants the upcoming Tesla Roadster to hover

By Trevor Mogg

Tesla boss Elon Musk revealed a couple of years ago that he wants to stick some rocket thrusters on the second-generation Roadster as part of a special “SpaceX package” when the electric sports car launches in 2022.

And now he says he wants it to hover, too.

Chatting with Joe Rogan in a podcast released this week, Musk said that his team of crack engineers is currently trying to work out how the Tesla Roadster can be made to hover “without, you know, killing people.”

“I thought, maybe we could make it hover, but not too high,” Musk told Rogan during the chat. “So maybe it could hover, like, a meter above the ground, or something. So if you plummet, you blow out the suspension but you’re not going to die.”

He added that he thought his team could add a thruster “where the license plate flips down, James Bond-style, and there’d be a rocket thruster behind it that gives you three tons of thrust.”

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By Simon Alvarez

The Tesla Semi has its own fair share of critics, and even today, some notable voices such as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believe that the Class 8 all-electric truck is not feasible. When one looks at the currently available information about the upcoming vehicle, however, one would see that the Tesla Semi is vastly underestimated. 

One of the key criticisms surrounding the Tesla Semi is its weight, which skeptics would claim is far too much to be economically viable. Tesla has not shared any specifics surrounding the Semi’s weight, though the company did note that the vehicle consumes less than 2 kWh per mile. As noted by the OBF in a YouTube video, this would translate to the Semi likely having a battery that’s roughly around 600 kWh to 1,000 kWh, depending on whether the vehicle features a 300 or 500-mile range.