First-Ever Global Map to Delve Deep Into Earth Surface Helps Reveal Water Supply

9 Ground Water 78

Water, water everywhere?

Questions such as how much fresh water we have left on Earth, where it is located, and how we can access it are all nearly impossible to answer. However, scientists working on understanding and revealing the planet’s surface structure are helping to hone in on an answer. University of British Columbia researchers have created a world’s-first with their new map that outlines how fluid flows through Earth’s various porous surfaces. Information gleaned from the map can help us discover more about water supplies worldwide.

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Curvilinear Camera – Much Like the Human Eye but with a Zoom


Curvilinear Camera

The researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign have became highly successful in devising a eyeball camera. The curvilinear camera is a synthesis between human eye and 3.5x single-lens reflex (SLR) zoom lens – Higher zoom will be integrated in the future. Continue reading… “Curvilinear Camera – Much Like the Human Eye but with a Zoom”

Study: Future Criminals Could be Identified as Toddlers


Identifying youngsters at such an early age could be a cheap way of tackling a range of issues from drug abuse to prison overcrowding.

Tantrums and lack of self control in toddlers is a sign they may grow up to be drugs addicts and criminals, claims research. Badly behaved children as young as three are also the most prone to financial and health problems in adulthood.

Don’t Sleep With Your Pet, You Make Catch Something

sleeping with pet

You could get sick letting your pet sleep with you. 

Letting sleeping dogs lie in your bed can make you sick, research suggests. Pet owners may increase the chances of contracting everything from worms to the bubonic plague. Of the 250 known diseases transmitted from animals to humans, more than 100 of them come from domestic animals, researchers say.


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‘Suits That Transport’ – Wearable Transportation of the Future


Suits that Transport

Students of automotive design and fashion at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona have joined forces to explore the futures of urban mobility, in collaboration with Iniciativa BMW. “Suits That Transport”—translated a little cagily from the Spanish “El traje que te transporta”— is the name given to an exhibition of the students final outcomes currently on public display on the Rambla Catalunya in central Barcelona. (pics)


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What’s for Dinner? Kraft Food Kiosk Scans Your Face and Picks Your Dinner for You


Kraft and Intel are teaming up to bring a vending machine kiosk that makes the food buying decision for you.

Dinner planning: It’s the bane of every five o’clock shopper who can’t bear to serve up frozen pizza one more night. Now, with the help of some spooky video analytics, Intel and Kraft aim to help harried shoppers come up with better–or at least different–solutions, right in their grocery aisles. (video)


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Color-Changing Shirts Sniff Out Air Pollution


Thermochromatic Fabric Shows Off Air Pollution

What if detecting urban pollution was as easy as looking down at your neighbor’s chest? It is–if your neighbor is wearing one of the high-tech sweatshirts designed by NYU grad students Sue Ngo and Nien Lam. The shirts, designed for a class on wearable technologies, feature internal organs that change colors depending on the levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere…

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Rolling Stone’s Top 12 Politicians and Execs Blocking Climate Progress


#1 Stick in the Muck – Rupert Murdock

The vast majority of scientists — even American ones! — agree that human beings are pumping too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and that this is causing the global climate to warm. So why aren’t we trying to do anything about it? Well, we are. Millions of concerned citizens, climate activists, scientists, business leaders and policymakers understand the grave threat climate change poses, and are actively working to find the best ways to curb our emissions. But these 12 people — very, very powerful people — are doing their damnedest to stop them. And thanks to their inordinate amount of power, influence and media control it’s working!

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Becoming The Wal-Mart of Weed


Big Plans for the Future Growth of Marijuana

Dhar Mann, 26, and Derek Peterson, 36, are the owners of the weGrow marijuana superstore in Oakland, California. The 15,000 square-foot weGrow is just their first hit though. Mann and Peterson are also shooting a reality show pilot, training medical pot growers, and manufacturing high-end grow gear. They say they’re in contract on 75 franchise stores in 5 states and are considering an IPO. According to Mann, their vision is to become the “Wal-Mart of Weed.”

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China Planning World’s Largest Mega-City with 42 Million People


China planning to merge nine cities to create the world’s largest mega city.

China is planning to create the world’s biggest mega city by merging nine cities to create a metropolis twice the size of Wales with a population of 42 million. City planners in south China have laid out an ambitious plan to merge together the nine cities that lie around the Pearl River Delta.

PiCycle – An Electric Bike That Streams Critical Data to Your Smartphone



The PiCycle is a clean, modern, hybrid/electric bike designed by Marcus Hays, the founder of PiMobility. It’s fast, quiet, dependable and can give you enough torque to keep up with motor vehicles in the city. It’s also equipped with PiFi, an embedded wireless technology that streams critical data to the PiCycle owner’s smart phone or iPod Touch via a native application. PiMobility can monitor battery health, battery charging frequency, battery cycle life, motor and controller experience and more. This also means that PiMobility can provide theft recovery services and more importantly, if something does go wrong with the PiCycle, take preventative measures such as shipping the replacement parts long before anyone has to trudge down to their local repair facility seeking services.


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