iPhone Controlled Blood Pressure Monitor


Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

With hypertension affecting almost 25% of the world population , blood pressure measurement can help to save lives. However, until now, taking your blood pressure required the use of complex devices with multiple manipulations, mathematical operations and data recording procedures. Self-measurement has been recommended by the medical profession for many years , but no one had yet found concrete solutions to expand its use. (pics)


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Children with ADHD Have Brains That Cannot Stop Daydreaming: Study


ADHD children cannot stop daydreaming according to a new study.

Children with attention deficit disorder have brains that cannot stop daydreaming, claims a new study.  Researchers found that they physically find it harder to switch off a “default setting” of the brain designed to pass the time when not focused on a task.

Scientists Develop First Successful Cocaine Vaccine

cocaine vaccine

Researchers develop cocaine vaccine that works in mice.

The first ever vaccine for drug addiction has just been created. By combining a cocaine-like molecule with part of the common cold virus, you get a vaccine that turns the immune system against cocaine, keeping it away from the brain.


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‘Sandy Bridge’ – 2nd Generation Intel Chip a Coup for Hollywood


Codenamed “Sandy Bridge,” Intel’s new lineup of microchips promises the biggest-ever leap in processing power.

US chip giant Intel introduced Wednesday a speedy new generation of chips that thwart film piracy and enable quick handling of data-rich video and games.

Giant Tuna Sells For $396,000

giant tuna carcass

It’s beginning to look a lot like sushi…

In Tokyo, a giant bluefin tuna sold at auction for a record 32.49 million yen—nearly $396,000. The price for the 754-pound tuna beat the previous record set in 2001 when a 445-pound fish sold for 20.2 million yen. What do you do with a fish that sold for $526 per pound? Make sushi.

The massive tuna was bought and shared by the same duo that won the bidding for last year’s top fish: the owners of Kyubey, an upscale sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district, and Itamae Sushi, a casual, Hong Kong-based chain…

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Scientists Create 52 Artificial Rain Storms in Abu Dhabi Desert

thunder_2612009Abu Dhabi

On the 52 days it rained in the region throughout July and August, forecasters did not predict rain once.

Hail, lightning and gales came through the state’s eastern region this summer thanks to scientist-puppetmasters.

As part of a secret program to control the weather in the Middle East, scientists working for the United Arab Emirates government artificially created rain where rain is generally nowhere to be found. The $11 million project, which began in July, put steel lampshade-looking ionizers in the desert to produce charged particles. The negatively charged ions rose with the hot air, attracting dust. Moisture then condensed around the dust and eventually produced a rain cloud. A bunch of rain clouds…

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Could Fire Truck Ladders Be Replaced with Escalators?


Up, Up and Away On A Conveyor Belt!

Orville Douglas Denison thinks that telescoping ladders used by firefighters are too slow for firefighters to use effectively. So he designed a system that would lift up firefighters on something like a conveyor belt or an escalator:

In a rescue, firemen could extend Denison’s hydraulic ladder to windows as high as 113 feet. But rather than clamber up the ladder, the firefighter would hop on, and the rungs would roll up at 200 feet per minute—more than twice the average climbing speed of a firefighter weighed down by 130 pounds of gear…

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Chinese Computer Geek Has Fitting Headstone

Computer headstonegeek

A headstone carved in the shape of a monitor.

Computer geek Hu Chuang got the ultimate i-Bod – after he died at his screen while emailing friends.

Chuang, 26, from Chongqing, south west China, was so geeky about computers his family had a headstone carved for him in the shape of a monitor giving his dates of birth and death.

Stonemasons also included a keyboard and a mouse with a picture of tragic Chuang to complete the tombstone tribute…

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7 Billion


Sometime this year, the world’s population will pass the 7 billion mark. By 2045, that figure is expected to be 9 billion. National Geographic is beginning a year-long series on how the world’s population came to be, where we are headed, and the challenges that come with so many of us living together. Those challenges include energy consumption, education, birth control, natural resources, immigration, and more.

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10-Year-Old Canadian Girl Discovers Supernova

kathryn gray 1111

Supernova girl Kathryn Gray

A 10-year-old girl in Canada has become the youngest person to discover a supernova – an exploding star which can briefly outshine a whole galaxy. Kathryn Gray was studying images taken at an amateur observatory which had been sent to her father. She spotted the magnitude 17 supernova on Sunday.

Supernovas – which are rare events – are stellar explosions that mark the violent deaths of stars several times bigger than the Sun. The supernova was discovered in the galaxy UGC 3378, about 240 million light years away, in the constellation of Camelopardalis. “I’m really excited. It feels really good,” Ms Gray said…

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Driving a Convertible with the Top Down Could Damage Your Health

driving convertible

Driving a convertible exposes drivers and passengers to dangerous noise levels. 

Driving a convertible with the top down could expose you to dangerous noise levels on a par with a building site, claims a new study.  Levels as high as 100 decibels were recorded at speeds of 75mph which for long periods could lead to damage to hearing.

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