Space Invaders Couch

spaincouch 3456

Do you have space for the coolest couch ever?

The Space Invaders Couch was designed by Igor Chak. He says:

The Space Invaders Couch is basically a space invader turned in to a couch, a very fashionable and hard to pass by couch. The couch is all leather, with two glass surfaces. Although it might look uncomfortable it’s actually really soft, mainly lined and made with memory foam. Plus this is something different from a conventional couch…

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UK Scientist Suggests Rebranding GM Crops As “Vaccinated”


Does ‘Vaccinated’ sound better than genetically raped?

The latest face-palm absurdity concerning genetically modified crops: One of the UK’s top agricultural scientists has floated the idea that GM crops should be rebranded as “vaccinated” or “inoculated” so that the public would embrace them more willingly…

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Underground Dining – Gourmet Pop-up Restaurants that Operate Illegally a Growing Trend

underground dining

Underground dining growing in popularity.

In an old converted warehouse in San Francisco’s Mission district recently, about 65 gourmands dined by candlelight at The Wild Kitchen, an event presented by the group forageSF.  One after another, courses arrived from the kitchen: fish soup, duck fat potatoes, fusilli con cinghiale (pasta with wild boar). With each bite and sigh of delight, the crowd eagerly participated in a crime — a scrumptious one, but illegal nonetheless.


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Lice DNA Study Shows Humans First Wore Clothes 170,000 Years Ago

David Reed

University of Florida researcher David Reed is lead investigator on a five-year study following the evolution of lice that found modern humans first began wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago.

A new University of Florida study following the evolution of lice shows modern humans started wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago, a technology which enabled them to successfully migrate out of Africa.

New Digital Mailbox Will Let You Receive, Pay & Archive Multiple Bills

Pitney logo

The same company that introduced the postage meter 90 years ago has announced it will launch a free digital mailbox in 2011 that will allow customers to pay multiple bills online without remembering more than one password.

Pitney Bowes’s multi-platform Volly will allow consumers to receive, pay and organize all their bills with bank-like security. In addition to bill-related features like a pay calendar and reminders, customers will also have an option to opt in to catalogs and coupons from the companies of their choice…

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Face Blindness Research at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis


Researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis are working with children who have face blindness (prosopagnosia) to try to come up with ways to treat people who have difficulty recognizing and distinguishing between faces. According to the researchers in this video face blindness affects 1 to 2% of all children…

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Newly Developed Cloak Hides Underwater Objects from Sonar

invisible sonar disc

An object that is invisible to sonar.

In one University of Illinois lab, invisibility is a matter of now you hear it, now you don’t. Led by mechanical science and engineering professor Nicholas Fang, Illinois researchers have demonstrated an acoustic cloak, a technology that renders underwater objects invisible to sonar and other ultrasound waves.

“We are not talking about science fiction. We are talking about controlling sound waves by bending and twisting them in a designer space,” said Fang, who also is affiliated with the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. “This is certainly not some trick Harry Potter is playing with.”

While materials that can wrap sound around an object rather than reflecting or absorbing it have been theoretically possible for a few years, realization of the concept has been a challenge. In a paper accepted for publication in the journal Physical Review Letters, Fang’s team describe their working prototype, capable of hiding an object from a broad range of sound waves…

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Skype Acquires Qik for $100 Million


Skype has acquired video streaming service Qik, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Skype CEO Tony Bates confirmed the announcement on the companyblog: “I’m happy to announce that we’ve entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Qik,” he wrote…

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