Quantum ‘compass’ promises navigation without using GPS


It could keep society humming when satellites fail.

GPS is vital to modern navigation, but it’s extremely fragile. Never mind coverage — if a satellite fails or there’s a jamming attack, it quickly becomes useless. Scientists may have a much more robust answer, though. Scientists have demonstrated a “commercially viable” quantum accelerometer that could provide navigation without GPS or other satellite technology. The device uses lasers to cool atoms to extremely low temperatures, and then measures the quantum wave properties of those atoms as they respond to acceleration.

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A self-balancing skateboard/Segway project

The twin wheeled skateboard works like a Segway.  Electric skateboards exist already with powered rear wheels, but the plan here was to build something like a Segway but in the form of a skateboard. It knows which way is “up” via a combination of gyroscope and and accelerometer sensors. (Videos)


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TagSense – new app automatically tags smartphone photos


TagSense not only can pick out people but the context of the picture, including emotions, weather conditions and type of activity.

A new app can automatically tag your smartphone photos with a wide range of attributes, picking out not only the people but the context of the picture, including emotions, weather conditions and type of activity.


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Smartphones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Cell Phones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Doctors are using mobile technology to detect lethargy in overweight teenagers, and prompt them to exercise

Technology gets the blame for a lot of health problems: cars make you lazy, video games make you violent and MP3 players make you deaf. Now researchers at the University of Southern California are hoping to prove that mobile phones, at least, can have a positive effect. They plan to connect 50 obese teenagers to a battery of sensors and use mobiles to text the kids thin.

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Remote Control Flying Saucer


 Still waiting for the one we can ride in

If you’re looking for the smallest most sophisticated R/C flying vehicle around then your wait is over. The Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer incorporates amazing technology in a package not much larger than your outstretched palm. With 4-propellers you’d assume the Micro Flying Saucer would be hard to keep balanced in the air, however this problem is solved by the built in solid-state accelerometer.

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