Can AI have good taste? Auction giant Sotheby’s is counting on it


Sotheby’s acquired startup Thread Genius, whose machine learning tech can discern clients’ artistic and style leanings–and suggest customized purchases.

Just a few doors down from its CEO and the wood-paneled cubicles where sharply dressed professionals sit, the eighth floor of Sotheby’s New York takes on a very different vibe.

Suddenly, it’s more Silicon Valley than Upper East Side as staid formality gives way to a group of millennials, some in T-shirts with their sneakered feet on desks. Computer code is scrawled on whiteboards and the room’s glass wall. It is here where the storied auction house–founded in 1744–meets its future.

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‘The Scream’ sold for a record $120 million

The_Scream mmmmmmmm

The Scream sets a new record!

If he were alive, Edvard Munch would’ve screamed. You see, his iconic painting The Scream (the pastel version – one of four that Edvard has drawn) has just sold for a record $120 million at auction to an anonymous buyer.

The other three versions of The Scream are all owned by Norwegian museums, but Sotheby’s say the version they sold is the most colourful…

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