Older moms more likely to live longer

older mom

There is a genetic link between giving birth at an older age and longevity.

Being able to have children naturally later in life may be a sign that women will live an unusually long time, according to new research. The link between the ability to give birth at older ages and longevity may be explained by genetic traits that facilitate both.



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Four women with transplanted wombs are trying to get pregnant with IVF

pregnant woman

Doctors successfully transplanted wombs into nine women.

Four women who underwent womb transplants have received embryos in an attempt to get pregnant, according to Swedish doctors. The women are the recipients of wombs from their mothers or other relatives, as part of an experiment to see whether a womb transplant can yield a successful pregnancy. The embryos are the result of in vitro fertilization before the women had their transplants.



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Record number of test tube babies born in the U.S.


The growing percentage reflects, in part, the increasing average age at which women give birth for the first time.

In 2012, more test-tube babies were born in the United States than ever before, and they constituted a higher percentage of total births than at any time since the technology was introduced in the 1980s, according to a report released on Monday.



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India seeks to regulate booming surrogacy industry

India’s booming surrogacy industry sees thousands of infertile couples hire the wombs of local women to carry their embryos through to birth.

British restaurateur Rekha Patel, dressed in a green surgical gown and cap, cradled her newborn daughter at the Akanksha clinic in northwestern India as her husband Daniel smiled warmly, peering in through a glass door.



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U.S. fertility rates are leveling off

There were almost 4 million babies born to American women in 2012.

According to statistics in a National Center for Health Statistics report released last week, fertility rates are leveling off for the first time since before the recession began as more American women are having babies in an improving economy.



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Harvard geneticist looking for ‘adventurous’ woman to give birth to a Neanderthal baby

Recreation of Neanderthal child.

Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School is looking for an “adventurous” woman to give birth to a baby Neanderthal.  It sounds like the plot of another Jurassic Park sequel, but the request is actually part of Professor Church’s real-life plan to bring our long-extinct relative back to life.

Majority of births among under 30 are to unmarried women


Motherhood without marriage has settled deeply into middle America.

Birth to unmarried women used to be called illegitimacy, now it is the new normal.  The share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold after steadily rising for five decades: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage.

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Home births in the U.S. rise by 30%


Home births are still rare in the United States but it is a growing trend.

Jessica Wilcox thinks her in-laws still view her ideas about childbirth as kind of out there, but it’s hard to argue with success: In the last five years or so, Wilcox has given birth to two boys and two girls — each weighing more than 10 pounds — at her northern Virginia home. And she hopes to do it again one or two more times.

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