Blood test detects Alzheimer’s disease


Researchers have created a simple blood test that can detect Alzheimer’s disease.

 The blood test accurately measures one of the proteins—P-tau181—implicated in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), according to a new study.

Blood P-tau181 indirectly measures tau hyperphosphorylation in the brain, which is one of the hallmarks of the disease along with the clumpy plaques caused by the protein amyloid β.

Prior to this discovery, detecting the proteins and confirming an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis was possible only through expensive PET scans, invasive lumbar punctures, or autopsy.

The search for an Alzheimer’s disease blood test has been years in the making, but a test sensitive enough to detect tau long eluded researchers.

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Universal cancer blood test detects and locates 50 types of tumors


A new universal cancer blood test can spot over 50 types of tumors and identify where they are in the body

 Cancer is one of humanity’s leading killers, and the main reason for that is it’s often hard to detect until it’s too late. But that might be about to change. Researchers have developed a new type of AI-powered blood test that can accurately detect over 50 different types of cancer and even identify where it is in the body.

There are just so many types of cancer that it’s virtually impossible to keep an eye out for all of them through routine tests. Instead, the disease usually isn’t detected until doctors begin specifically looking for it, after a patient experiences symptoms. And in many cases, by then it can be too late.

Ideally, there would be a routine test patients can undergo that would flag any type of cancer that may be budding in the body, giving treatment the best shot of being successful. And that’s just what the new study is working towards.

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New blood test can screen teens for depression: Study

teen depression

Scientists showed that teenage depression could be diagnosed through a panel of 11 genetic markers.

One day a simple blood test may be all that’s needed to help parents figure out whether a child is suffering from clinical depression or normal teenage angst, according to a new study.

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New blood test could predict heart attacks: Study

blood test

The study found that the endothelial blood cells from heart attack patients are abnormally large and misshapen.

Researchers in the U.S. have found oddly-shaped blood cells in heart attack patients, indicating that a blood test could help predict whether a patient is at risk of an imminent cardiac emergency.

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Blood test can determine fetal sex at seven weeks


The test analyzes fetal DNA found in the mother’s blood and can establish sex weeks earlier than other options.

A baby’s sex can be determined as early as seven weeks into pregnancy by a simple blood test.  The test is highly accurate if used correctly, a finding that experts say is likely to lead to more widespread use by parents concerned about gender-linked diseases, those who are merely curious and people considering the more ethically controversial step of selecting the sex of their children.


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Controversial $615 Test That Tells You How Long You Will Live


The results of the tests might also be of interest to companies offering life-insurance policies or medical coverage.

A controversial blood test that can show how fast someone is aging – and offers the tantalizing possibility of estimating how long they have left to live – is to go on sale to the general public in Britain later this year.


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Genetic Testing: Do We Really Want To Know Everything Our Genome Has To Say?

Genetic Testing: Do We Really Want To Know Everything Our Genome Has To Say? 


Once impenetrable, the individual genetic code is becoming an open book thanks to kits that scan for genes linked to scores of traits and diseases, from bladder cancer and baldness to male infertility and memory loss.

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