Drinkify your music tonight


What do these sound like?

I recently stumbled across this site called drinkify. It recommends beverages to compliment your favorite music. Somebody really had a lot of fun with this one! Being a music junkie I plugged in some of my faves, but then gave it a trick question and another. So here’s what I’ve been hearing in my drinks…

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Dutch mandates alcolocks

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Netherlands has a new outlook on alcohol.

Starting December 1st, the Netherlands will be giving their drunk drivers a holiday gift. Drivers who have been pulled over with high blood alcohol content will be given “alcolocks” to install into their cars. The device acts as a breathalyzer that can keep an engine turned off…

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Can you blame your bad decisions on booze? Maybe not


Can you blame it on the booze?

Have you made a rash or regrettable decision after a few cold Coors Lights. You can blame it on the booze, right?  The University of Missouri College of Arts and Sciences sheds light on how the brain processes mistakes in the presence of alcohol in a new study.


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