Flying taxi to travel from Boston to New York in 36 minutes

A private transportation company seeks to offer a new form of travel connecting Boston and New York in under an hour.

Boston-based Transcend Air Corporation is developing the Vy 400, a six-seat, vertical take-off and landing aircraft. “It takes off and lands straight up and down,” the company said of the aircraft’s design. “This means we don’t need runways and airports. We’re able to depart and arrive right in major city centers.”

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Future of crowd-mobbed vigilantism

One of the blast sites on Boylston Street near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

There is a lot of restless energy surging through the web.A legion of Internet investigators are scrutinizing every available photo of the Boston Marathon finish line, searching for clues that will help nab a killer. At Reddit, Imgur and a zillion blogs, notes are being shared, theories propounded — and, without question, innocent people are getting slandered.



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Boston’s Floating City of the Future


Can the Dubai real-estate slump be blamed on ambitious projects that tried to recreate mini magical kingdoms? Don’t know, however that’s not stopped the designers from their creative thinking so let’s overview a challenging project that’s aimed for Boston residents. Christened The Boa (Boston Arcology), this floating city isn’t worried about the threat of rising oceans, because it’s equipped with “techniques of today and has been researched to be totally feasible.” (Pics)


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Twestival Contributors To Donate Through Tipjoy

Twestival Contributors To Donate Through Tipjoy

Like other cities in the Western U.S. and the world, San Francisco will be turning its attention to water shortages that could become severe this year. San Francisco-based Twitter has already gone to work on a grander scale, attacking the global water shortage crisis that affects 1.1 billion people.

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Boston Dynamics Rough Terrain Robot


Boston Dynamics has released a prototype of an all-terrain robot, BigDog. The quadruped robot is equipped with a computer featuring sensors that aid its movements over harsh terrain. The robot is powered by a gasoline engine that drives the hydraulic system.

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