U.S. boys reaching puberty earlier than ever: Study


Boys are hitting puberty as early as 9 years old.

Research has shown that girls are reaching puberty earlier than they used to, and now the same appears to be true of boys. Boys are entering puberty somewhere between six months and two years earlier than the textbooks think, according to a new study. In the earliest cases, African-American boys reach puberty just after age 9, with whites and Hispanics about a year later.


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China’s one-child policy a boon for Chinese girls

Girls in China

Two girls practice handstands before a diving training session at the centre of China’s State Physical Training Administration.

Mia Wang, a freshman at Tsinghua University has confidence to spare.  Asked what her home city of Benxi in China’s far northeastern tip is famous for, she flashes a cool smile and says: “Producing excellence. Like me.”


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Sex-Selective Abortion Becoming More Common and Widespread in India


A government’s advertisement billboard in support of baby girls in Morena, India.

The practice of aborting female fetuses if they don’t yet have a male child is becoming more common and widespread among couples in India, according to a new study.


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Does the Gender Pay Gap Come Down to Boys Being More Competitive?


Girls shy away from competing even if they know they are going to win.

A new study has found that there is a gender gap between the sexes when it comes to competition with boys much more likely to want to compete with others than girls.  As early as four years of age boys are more competitive than girls and remain so into adulthood, according to new a study. That could explain why men earn more than women.

Too Much Sugar During Pregnancy Affects Girls But Not Boys


Sugary diet during pregnancy can harm unborn girls.

Little girls may be said to be made of sugar and spice and all things nice – but they are more affected than boys by their mother’s sweet tooth when they are in the womb.  A study found that too much sugar in pregnancy can harm the nutrients reaching unborn female foetuses.

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