Graphene can Harvest Energy through Thin Air


(CNN) Bold claims for new battery technology have been around since the invention of the lead-acid battery more than 150 years ago.

But researchers at Manchester University in the UK say their latest discovery involving the new wonder material graphene could be the most revolutionary advance in battery technology yet.

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Your late 30’s is when your biggest breakthroughs will happen


Genius happens when a seasoned mind sees a problem with fresh eyes.

The former frontman of the band LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy, made what he called the biggest mistake of his life at 21, when he turned down a writing job on a sitcom that was about to launch.



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Baby born with HIV cured with aggressive drug treatment

Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins University presented the results at a conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

For the very first time, a baby born with HIV has reported to have been cured at age 2 1/2 through an aggressive drug treatment with antiretroviral drugs.




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Scottish Scientists Make ‘Mind-Reading Machine’ Breakthrough


Scottish scientists have come a step closer to creating a “mind-reading machine” that can show mental images.

A team from the University of Glasgow have successfully decoded brain signals related to vision.

Six volunteers were shown images of people’s faces displaying different emotions such as happiness, fear and surprise.

In a series of trials, parts of the images were randomly covered so that, for example, only the eyes or mouth were visible. Participants were then asked to identify the emotion being displayed while electrodes attached to the scalp measured the volunteers’ brainwaves.

The scientists were able to show that brainwaves varied greatly according to which part of the face was being looked at…

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Lose Weight thru Manipulation of Fat Cells

 Lose Weight thru Manipulation of Fat Cells

Manipulating fat cells will soon be the key to weight loss

Australian scientists may have discovered how to help people lose weight without cutting back on food, a breakthrough that could pave the way for fat-burning drugs.

Researchers in Melbourne found that by manipulating fat cells in mice they were able to speed up the animals’ metabolisms.
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Insight Into Development of Alzheimer’s Disease



According to estimates there are 85,000 Alzheimer patients in our country and approximately 20,000 new cases every year. This spectacular increase is due to the increasing ageing population. Unfortunately it is still unclear precisely which ageing process forms the basis of this spectacular rise in the occurrence of the disease. VIB scientists affiliated to K.U.Leuven have discovered an important molecular link between Alzheimer’s disease and the development of the typical plaques in the brains of Alzheimer patients. This discovery is an important breakthrough in the fundamental research into the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


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