The Future is Exciting: Futurist Thomas Frey prophesies exciting gigabit era

Futurist Thomas Frey 700 4-2018

“Two billion jobs will disappear by 2030”. This prophecy made Futurist Thomas Frey famous overnight in 2012. He wanted to bring the constant technological progress into the consciousness of the population. As part of the “The Future is Exciting” series , we introduce you to a personality that has an exciting and insightful perspective on your future.

The renowned futurist Thomas Frey looks at the present from the future. He masters this view like no other. Learn how he imagines the gigabit age and how to get there.

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Getting around the peak car conumdrum

New breakthroughs in connecting cars to the cloud (and eliminating the need for car ownership) show what a better future for cars might look like.

The global automotive industry is on a run by all accounts. Globally, sales are surging. Advances in hybrids, electric vehicles, and even conventional petrol engines are delivering eye-popping mileage gains.



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The ultimate in Car-Sharing: tiny, electric ‘box’ mobiles

box-to-go 897089

A new mobility option.

Car-sharing is getting plenty of green-minded folks excited these days. The rise of ZipCar, carpooling apps, and so forth have been heralded as signs that people are beginning to see the merits of spending less time driving solo and more time sharing, cutting costs and pollution in the process. Well, the folks at the “progressive industrial design studio” Brooks & Bone have taken the concept of urban car-sharing to its logical conclusion: Tiny, boxy vehicles built specifically to be shared a la personal rapid transit…

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