No more cardboard boxes? 3M invents an ingenious new way to ship products


The company is launching a new material that could reduce the time, materials, and space required to ship products by 50%.

Getting things delivered has never been more convenient. With just a few clicks, you can have a new bottle of shampoo sitting outside your door the next day, or that cool T-shirt you’ve been eyeing on Etsy. But when those items arrive at your door, there’s a good chance they’ll be in a too-big box, stuffed with lots of wasteful packaging filler.

That’s why the Minnesota-based materials company 3M is releasing a new type of packaging that requires no tape and no filler, and it can be customized to fit any object under 3 pounds—which 3M says accounts for about 60% of all items that are bought online and shipped. 3M claims that the material, called the Flex & Seal Shipping Roll, can reduce time spent packing, the amount of packaging materials, and the space needed to ship packages.

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Chairigami – cheap, sturdy cardboard standing desk

carboard desk 2

This recyclable cardboard desk is assembled without any glue or fasteners and costs only $65.

If you are looking for a cheap and sturdy standing desk. There are many DIY options. But if you have always wanted to have some cardboard furniture in your home or office (and who hasn’t?), try one of the standing desks from Chairigami.



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Cardboard bicycle can change transportation habits around the world

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni holds his cardboard bicycle

Izhar Gafni, an Israeli inventor, says that a bicycle made almost entirely of cardboard has the potential to change transportation habits from the world’s most congested cities to the poorest reaches of Africa.



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Panasonic Ships Snowman 5,314 Miles to the Desert in a Cardboard Box


A Bahraini girl named Amna al-Haddad, wanted her younger brother Saleh to see snow for the first time.

Using no refrigeration, a snowman made in Japan traveled 5,314 miles to the desert of Bahrain, surviving the journey in one piece. The feat was a nice test of Panasonic’s new vacuum insulation panels, called U-Vacua, and a clever stunt that produced squeals of joy from a bunch of Bahraini kids. (Video)


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Toilet Paper to Undergo Biggest Change in 100 Years – Going Tubeless

tubefree toilet paper

Tubeless toilet paper rolls

The toilet paper roll is about to undergo its biggest change in 100 years: going tubeless.  On Monday, Kimberly-Clark, one of the world’s biggest makers of household paper products, will begin testing Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the Northeast. If sales take off, it may introduce the line nationally and globally — and even consider adapting the technology into its paper towel brands.


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A House Made of Non-Recyclable Waxed Cardboard


Corucon student housing project

You’ve probably heard of strawbale construction — but what about cardboard bale construction? We already know cardboard is pretty versatile and can be found anywhere from furniture, to ornaments, to mulch, to houses and earthquake resistant schools. But what can be done with non-recyclable waxed cardboard that usually ends up in some landfill? As a team of Auburn University students are showing in this experimental student housing project called Corucon, even the hard-to-recycle, waxed corrugated kind of cardboard can still be reclaimed and used instead as bales for building, much like strawbales. (Pics)


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