The Living Heart Project will use 3D simulation of the human heart to combat heart disease


The Living Heart Project

The World Health Organization’s recent research has revealed that 17.3 million people died from cardiovascular diseases worldwide in 2008, representing 30 percent of all global deaths. A report by the American Heart Association, Forecasting the Future of Cardiovascular Disease in the United States, believes the total direct medical costs of cardiovascular disease will reach $818.1 billion over the next three decades. (Video)



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When trees die so do people

When the U.S. Forest Service looked at mortality rates in counties affected by the emerald ash borer, they found increased mortality rates among people.

In June 2002 was when the blight was first detected in the trees in Canton, Michigan.  The emerald ash borer had come from overseas and was quickly spreading – a literal bug – across state and national lines to Ohio, Minnesota, and Ontario.  It spread to more distant and seemingly random locations as the infested trees were shipped beyond the Midwest.




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Study: ‘Apple’ Shape is No Less Healthy Than Being ‘Pear’ Shaped


Body shape has no affect on health as once believed.

Being an ‘apple’ shape is no less healthy than being a ‘pear’, according to a new study that turns the long-held belief on its head.    Doctors have long thought that people with an ‘apple’ figure – a tendency to store fat around the belly rather than the hips – were at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Blood Type ‘O’ Protects Against Heart Attacks

blood type

Having type ‘O’ blood may give some protection against heart attacks.

Blood group ‘O’ protects people against heart attacks , say researchers.  A new study, published in The Lancet journal, has revealed that the same gene which creates the enzyme that causes people to be blood group ‘O’ gives them some protection against heart attacks.

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High Blood Pressure in Kids Linked to Secondhand Smoke


Secondhand smoke linked to high blood pressure in kids.

Young kids who live with a parent who smokes face an increased risk for developing high blood pressure while still children, a new study has found. Warning that children with high blood pressure often become adults with the same problem, the researchers suggested that secondhand smoke poses a substantial and long-term risk to the cardiovascular welfare of young children.


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