16 eye opening photos of children and their bedrooms from across the world

16 kids

Where Children Sleep

Some kids experience childhood in poverty, lacking food and sanitation, while others are born in countries where basic necessities are taken for granted.  Photographer James Mollison came up with the project when he thought about his own childhood bedroom and how it reflected who he was.


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First memories may happen as young as age 2: study


“Most of us can’t recall anything about infancy, it’s only at about 3- or 4-years of age we can start to remember.”

A majority of adults suffer from childhood amnesia.  They are unable to remember infancy or toddlerhood. That’s what scientists thought. But a new study indicates that even six years after the fact, a small percentage of tots as young as 2 can recall a unique event .

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Music Lessons in Childhood Make You Smarter, More Intelligent

music lessons

Music lessons makes you smarter.

If you want your child to be smart and intelligent then, make sure your kid learns to play musical instruments, scientists say.  University of Kansas Medical Center researchers have found that practicing musical instruments as a child not only help him mastering the instrument, it also provides a boost to his brain decades later.


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Children with ADHD Have Brains That Cannot Stop Daydreaming: Study


ADHD children cannot stop daydreaming according to a new study.

Children with attention deficit disorder have brains that cannot stop daydreaming, claims a new study.  Researchers found that they physically find it harder to switch off a “default setting” of the brain designed to pass the time when not focused on a task.

The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation


The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation was created in 1982 by a small group that originally came together as a an informal support group for problems that were the result of traumatic experiences at petting zoos as children. This group realized that there were many others out there who were afraid to come forward with their horrific stories and wanted to find some way to help as many people as they could. The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation is the result of their dream.

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Soda Tax Will Have Little Impact On Childhood Obesity


Small increases in the cost of soda will have little impact on children

Small scale increases in the cost of soda likely have little impact on childhood obesity, according to a study published in the journal Health Affairs. Soda taxes have been proposed as a means for fighting obesity by several prominent health researchers, and some public health officials have sparked controversy by advocating for steep taxes on soft drinks to deter consumption. Yet, while previous research has shown that increased cost of soda leads to decreased consumption—a 10% price increase corresponds with an 8% reduction—there has been little analysis of how increased cost actually influences weight, and no analysis of this impact on children, they argue. To remedy that, the team of researchers from the RAND Corporation, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Institute for Health Research and Policy used current data on state soda taxes and children’s weight to assess the influence of soda tariffs both on consumption and childhood obesity.


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Chronic Health Problems in Children Have Doubled in 12 Years


Sharp increase in chronic health problems in children

The rates of childhood chronic health problems, including obesity, asthma and learning disabilities, have doubled in just 12 years, a new study reports — to 1 in 4 children in 2006, up from 1 in 8 in 1994.


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Teen Sexual Behaviors Influenced By Adult TV Watched In Childhood

Earlier Sexual Activity Among Teens Related To Adult Content TV Watched During Childhood 

Children who watch adult content tv may become sexually active earlier in life

Early onset of sexual activity among teens may relate to the amount of adult content children were exposed to during their childhood, according to a new study released by Children’s Hospital Boston. Based on a longitudinal study tracking children from age six to eighteen, researchers found that the younger children are exposed to content intended for adults in television and movies, the earlier they become sexually active during adolescence. The findings are being presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies meetings on Monday, May 4 in Baltimore.

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