Colleges are upending majors

EA1E7765-836C-455D-A70B-D68F552A1E8EPrinceton commencement, 1909. Photo: Paul Thompson/FPG/Getty Images

In 1869, at Harvard, Charles Eliot invented the college major as we know it — each student would be channeled into a specialized area of study, and move on to a stable, lifelong job.

The big picture: A century and a half later, American colleges pump out some 4.5 million new bachelor’s degrees every year, but the context — the present and future of work — has changed entirely.

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Computer science education – Is there a crisis?

computer science

The U.S. graduated proportionally fewer computer-science majors in 2011-12 than in 1985-86.

There has been a lot of talk from journalists, programmers, and educators about computer-science education in the U.S. on whether every should or should not learn how to code. The question comes up often in the digital-media circles. Tasneem Raja, interactive editor at Mother Jones made a thoughtful, nuanced contribution to that conversation last week.


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College degrees are now accessible to anyone with a computer with UniversityNow

Gene Wade, CEO and founder of UniversityNow.

UniversityNow is receiving $20.4 million in funding to bring U.S. education out of a “code red.”UniversityNow is building a network of accredited, online universitieswhere students earn undergraduate and graduate degrees at a low cost and in a flexible environment. Its goal is to make higher education more affordable and accessible for people everywhere through the intelligent use of technology.



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