CLO3D – Amazing 3D virtual fashion design technology

CLO3D at CES 2014

CLO3D is a 3D fashion design software is a fashion design solution that mirrors real garments. Based upon 3D Fashion Design Technology, which is faster and more sophisticated, CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. has developed two softwares, called CLO3D and MarvelousDesigner.



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How app designers can make the future of dating less creepy


One day, Google Glass could enable some pretty incredible augmented reality apps. Its camera might recognize a person’s face, then scour the Internet for information about him or her, beaming that back to you in real time. It’s neat stuff for sure, but as this concept demo from Israeli software developer Infinity AR shows us (completely unintentionally): automatically digging up too much information about someone else can be downright creepy.



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Lifebook design combines all your gadgets into one modular laptop


Lifebook makes your tech life more modular.

Designer Prashant Chandra, an industrial designer from New Delhi, India, had come up with a solution for combining a whole lot of independent gadgets. Instead of repeating hardware — such as with an iPad acting as a larger version of an iPhone, an iPod acting like a lost part from said phone, and all of these acting as fragmented components of a laptop — this concept combines the traits of devices to create a functioning laptop in order to reduce repetition and wasted hardware…

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