DIY ‘Solar Pocket Factory’ can 3D print a solar panel every 15 seconds

open-source solar panel

Solar Pocket Factory

Two young inventors based in the Philippines, Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein, are taking their passion for clean free energy and developing a way to make it accessible and cheap for everyone. These guys are working hard to provide a product that could be used by practically anyone to make homemade solar panels. (Videos)



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Why the Tiny Home Movement May Not be So Tiny


Tiny Homes – Redefining the simple life

Futurist Thomas Frey: Most of us hate feeling cramped. We hate being stuck on a crowded plane, stuck in congested traffic, and wading through packed concert halls. We like to be able to stretch out, get casual, and relax, but we can’t do that when people are invading our space.



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Mini Metal Maker: A $1000 3D printer that prints metal


The Mini Metal Maker prints 3D objects from digital files directly in precious metal clay, rather than in plastic. Once these clay objects air-dry, they are fired in a kiln to produce beautiful solid metal objects of high purity and precision. Using metal clay essentially replaces the entire wax-casting or lost-wax process ordinarily needed to do this. The Mini Metal Maker will add new capability for the DIY inventor or artist by making fabrication in metal easy and direct. It will be a boon for anyone interested in creating their own gears, miniature mechanisms, or printing detailed jewelry or metal ornaments. The Mini Metal Maker is built around the concept of using the minimum number of parts, reducing the cost to produce and also eliminating many chances for error during assembly.



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Make’s Roundup of DIY Radiation Detectors

sparkfun-geiger 567

It may not be pretty but it gets the job done!

John Baichtal says: “MAKE’s interview with hardware hacker Akiba highlighted a fascinating trend: individuals and small groups taking their safety into their own hands by creating, modifying, and networking radiation detectors, a.k.a. Geiger counters, rather than relying on governments for information…

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