Egypt’s great male crisis

Great male crisis

There is a huge debate in western societies regarding what is called “The great male crisis”.  The argument is simple: Men are quickly falling behind women,  In the western societies that promote gender equality and free education, women are becoming better educated than men and are earning more.  Boys aren’t faring as well as girls in school and college education, and this is being reflected in the job market.




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Egypt experiences an average of 550 train crashes per year

82 percent of Egypt’s railway lines are less safe because they depend on mechanical signals.

In the wake of Monday’s deadly Badrashin train crash, which left 19 people dead and 117 injured, a Transportation Ministry report shows the country has experienced an average 550 train wrecks per year, including both serious and minor ones.

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Libya Follows Egypt’s Lead, Starts Shutting Off Internet Services


Both the BBC and the AFP are reporting that Muammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya has begun to block user access to Facebook in the country’s capital of Tripoli and is sporadically shutting down electricity access and access to Internet connections in the rest of the country as a response to anti-govermental protests…

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China Blocks the Word ‘Egypt’ From Internet Searches


Protesters react in Tahrir Square to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s televised speech in Cairo February 1, 2011.

Chinese authorities have blocked the word “Egypt” from searches on Twitter-like microblogging sites in an indication of concern among Communist Party leaders that the unrest there could encourage similar calls for political reform in China.


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Egypt Turns Off Internet, Lieberman Wants Same Option For US

liebermaninternet switch

Should the government here have this kind of power?

On Thursday Jan 27th at 22:34 UTC the Egyptian Government effectively removed Egypt from the internet. Nearly all inbound and outbound connections to the web were shut down. The internet intelligence authority Renesys explains it here and confirms that “virtually all of Egypt’s Internet addresses are now unreachable, worldwide.” This has never happened before in the entire history of the internet, with a nation of this size. A block of this scale is completely unheard of, and Senator Joe Lieberman wants to be able to do the same thing in the US…

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The City of Garbage

City of Garbage 017

A lone child in the valley of garbage

Manshiet Nasser is a neighborhood located in Cairo, Egypt. People refer to it as the City of Garbage because trash from all over Cairo end up there. It is not a landfill. Rather, people who live there survive on sorting through garbage and selling whatever is useful. They claim that 80% of the waste is recycled and resold. (Amazing pics)

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Drug Smokers In Egypt Suffer Hashish Shortage After Crackdown

hashish sellers 123123

Hash currently in short supply in Egypt.

Millions of Egyptians — some of the world’s most enthusiastic consumers of hashish — are suffering withdrawal pangs after an unprecedented shortage of their favourite narcotic. A sudden fall in supply of the concentrated form of marijuana has sent prices spiralling, and left smokers searching for alternative highs.

“This is very weird for Egypt. I’ve never seen it like this,” said Yasser, a former police officer-turned-hash dealer. “My supplier told me he doesn’t know what’s going on…”

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The Mystery of Non-Egyptian Pyramids in China

chinese pyramid 2314
Pyramids in China???
Egyptian pyramids? Sure, everyone knows about the ones at Giza – and a few aficionados might know about the 138 others (!) scattered around them. Mesoamerican pyramids? Okay, a lot of folks know about them, too — or even that the great one at Cholula is considered to be the largest one in the world.
But, unfortunately, not many people know that pyramids have come in other flavors as well, including the mysterious and legendary ones in China.
“Legendary” because the story of the Chinese pyramids initially reads like something from a wild and woolly dime-store pulp serial: JAMES GAUSSMAN AND THE JEWELED PYRAMID OF CHINA!

It all began in 1945 – well, actually it started way before that, but for most folks out here in the West, that’s when they first heard that pyramids might exist outside Mesoamerica and Egypt…

World’s First Self-Watering Plant Discovered

World’s First Self-Watering Plant Discovered

Desert Rhubarb 

Scientists have discovered the world’s first ‘self-watering’ plant in Israel’s Negev desert – one of the driest regions on earth. The Desert Rhubarb can hold 16 times more water than its rivals and has developed a unique ability to effectively water itself in its barren habitat.

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Muslim Women Complain That Veils Increase Harassment

Muslim Women Complain That Veils Increase Harassment

The stricter the rules, the goofier the women appear

In a Muslim country where the numbers of women wearing the veil are rising, and so — by most accounts — are incidents of groping and catcalls in the streets, the message in ads circulating anonymously in e-mails in Egypt is clear:

“A veil to protect, or eyes will molest,” one warns.

The words sit over two illustrations, one comparing a veiled woman, her hair and neck covered in the manner known to Muslims as hijab, to a wrapped candy, untouched and pure. (Pics)

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