The Smart Switch – saves lives by turning off appliances at risk of igniting a fire

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The Smart Switch

Smart Switch Technology reacts to the warning sound made by a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector by actually turning off the device (toaster, curling iron, space heater, etc) that is at risk of igniting a fire.

The Smart Switch is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase. The Inventor Showcase will take place November 14-15, 2014 at the Denver Mart. You will have a chance to take a look at the Smart Switch and many other amazing inventions.


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Nest reinvents the smoke detector


The smoke detector screams, people panic, arms and hands flail and someone with a towel furiously fans away smoke in the kitchen. Then you need a chair to reach the ceiling to hold down that impossibly tiny red button, which never seems to silence the wailing device. So you rip out the batteries–and maybe don’t put them back for days or weeks. (Video)



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Tricked-out Cadillac baby stroller has fire coming out of the tailpipes

In June 2010, this custom Cadillac baby stroller won first place in the Open Car class at the Monthly Muscle Car Show in Plano, Texas. Macomber Fiberglass Bodies in Santa Paula, California sells unfinished fiberglass shells on Ebay to make this or other custom pedal cars or strollers at home…

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Butterfly Smoke Seal – a safety must-have for anywhere a fire can arise


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Turn your last breath of oxygen into minutes for Escape and Rescue.  The Butterfly Smoke Seal will help protect lives by stopping poisonous gas and smoke from entering though the door in case of a fire. Poisonous gas and smoke is the #1 killer of children 14 and under. It’s been said that if a butterfly crosses your path it will bring you luck.


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Firefighters in the Future Could Fight Fires with Flame-Bending Electricity


Firefighters could someday snuff out flames by zapping them with pulses of electric current.

In some respects, firefighting technology has come a long way over the past several decades–we now have flame suppressing foams and powders for instance, as well as new ways of delivering them to the fire. But fundamentally, we’re still fighting fires the old fashioned way: point hose/bucket/ pressurized container and drench. But a team of Harvard researchers envisions a day when firefighters will snuff out flames not with a physical suppressant but with a blast of electric current.


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Can Charcoal Save The Planet?

charcoalpicfire 1342

Terra preta means “black earth”. More importantly, if less literally, it means fertile soil—created 1000s of years ago out of nutrient-starved rainforest dirt by the strange alchemy of charcoal.

No one knows exactly how Amazonian natives made terra preta, but that isn’t stopping modern agriculture scientists from attempting to recreate, and build on, the successes of this ancient farming technique. Using biochar—charcoal created in an oxygen-free environment—they’re hoping to improve soil quality and sequester carbon. But first, they have to deal with that pesky little thing called evidence…

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The War Over Exit Signs

exitman 54678
Word vs Icon. Which will win?

Should the US ditch the classic red “exit” sign and replace it with a green man? There are arguments both for and against. For the red:

The contrast between the letters and the background renders it highly legible, the illumination stresses the importance of the message, and the color is evocative of both fire and fire-safety devices (fire extinguishers, fire engines, fire alarms, and the like).

But in other parts of the world, pictograms rule. The “running man” sign was designed by Yukio Ota and adopted internationally for exits a quarter century ago!

The sign’s wordlessness means it can be understood even by people who don’t speak the local language. And the green color, they argue, just makes sense. Green is the color of safety, a color that means go the world over. Red, on the other hand, most often means danger, alert, halt, please don’t touch. Why confuse panicked evacuees with a sign that means right this way in a color that means stop?

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Saturday Morning Science Experiment: Flour On Fire

Flour is not as innocuous as it may seem. Like other carbohydrates, it’s really just a tiny chain of sugars at heart. And (as anyone who’s ever made s’mores knows) sugar can light up like a dried-out Christmas Tree that’s been exposed to an electrical spark…

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Scientists Develop Vest To Keep Firefighters Cool


Scientists have developed a vest which they claim can help fire-fighters stay cool during an emergency, by reducing heat stress and fluid loss.  A team at James Cook University has designed the Cool Me Vest that can help fire fighters keep their cool, reduces heat stress significantly and cuts down recovery times even in extreme heat conditions.

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