Top 10 worst technology predictions of all time

“Cellular phones will absolutely not replace local wire systems.” — Marty Cooper, inventor (1981)

Bold predictions abound in the tech world.  Some try to make educated guesses about where technology is headed.  Others prognosticate in reaction to disruptive technologies that could boost (or threaten) their business.



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Terrafugia Transition: Flying car completes first public demo flight


The Terrafugia Transition just fulfilled the dream of everyone who’s ever had a fantasy about the future. At the EAA AirVenture airshow in Wisconsin, the flying car completed two laps around the airfield — one on the pavement, and one in the air. The whole thing went off without a hitch, and even the namesake transition between laps worked smoothly. And, believe it or not, that just might mark the beginning of the era of the flying car. (video)



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World’s first practical flying car


Dreamers and aviation geeks have been fascinated by the idea of a flying car ever since humans first got off the ground with powered flight. There are obvious advantages to the concept: the “go anywhere, anytime” freedom of an automobile without any of the traffic congestion that terrestrial drivers face on a daily basis. (Photos)



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Volkswagen’s futuristic flying car concept

Volkswagen’s flying car

Seeing a flying cars in a sci-fi movie is a common site. The flying car has won hearts of many science fiction fanatics. Be it the glass bubble from “The Jetsons” or the cab from “The Fifth Element,” all these vehicles have mesmerized audiences for a long now. (Video)



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Where is My Flying Car?


First things first. Before we can have flying cars,
we will need to go through the era of flying delivery drones

Futurist Thomas Frey:  Imagine yourself in 2030, 20 years in the future, sitting in your living room watching your favorite show on a 3D holographic display, and you witness a product placement scene where someone is eating one of the best pizzas you’ve ever seen. The depiction is so lifelike and intense that you instantly start craving pizza, and simply utter the word “yes.”


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Maverick Flying Car – Street and Air Legal Flying Car


September 28, 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a Light Sport Aircraft certificate for the Maverick Sport, the latest version of the flying dune buggy developed by Steve Saint and his crew at the Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center (ITEC).


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U.S. Military Developing Flying Car That Could Be Ready by 2015

flying car

The vehicle will be able to travel 280 miles by land and air, using vertical take-off and landing to increase access to difficult terrain.

US troops in war-torn Afghanistan may soon get a new mode of transportation as top military bosses are considering procuring advanced vehicles that can also fly over the battlefield to avoid enemy attacks.

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History of the Flying Car – Part Six: The SoloTrek


The SoloTrek XFV (Exo-skeletal Flying Vehicle) was a single-person VTOL aircraft. It was first flown in December 2001 by Millennium Jet Inc, a private company run by Michael Moshier. Millennium Jet subsequently changed its name to Trek Aerospace Inc. The SoloTrek had one seat and was propelled by two ducted fans located above and on either side of the user, leading some to class it as a type of backpack helicopter. It ran for around 2 hours on gasoline fuel. According to Michael Moshier, SoloTrek was capable of hovering for up to two hours, flying at 100km/h and travelling more than 200km. (pics)


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