How a robot that makes 300 pizzas an hour will create more jobs



Lower costs equals more opportunities.

A little startup in Seattle is about to flip the pizza business. Literally.

The company is called Picnic and for the past few years it’s been operating under the radar while it develops a propriety robot that makes pizzas. A lot of pizzas. Like, 300 pizzas in an hour.

According to Geekwire’s James Thorne, who visited the company to take a peek at the pizza-making robots himself, he was surprised to find that the machines were far from industrial-looking. “Instead,” he wrote. “It looked like a white, kitchen-sized iPhone. It could theoretically be installed in a food truck.”

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Most outrageous food trucks in America

Lobster car

Boston Lobster Feast Car

One of America’s favorite advertising tools since the 1930’s has been outfitting vehicles to look like something else , and drivers and bystanders have been treated to cars that look like everything from animals to candy – even shoes. In fact, carrying on in the tradition of Oscar Mayer, there is a whole bevy of food-shaped vehicles that deserve their moment of glory. (Pics)

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