Fusion energy gets ready to shine – finally


Three decades and $23.7 billion later, the 25,000-ton International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is close to becoming something like the sun.

UNTIL 1920, HUMANS had no real sense of how the sun and stars create their vast amounts of energy. Then, in October of that year, Arthur Stanley Eddington, an English astrophysicist, penned an essay elegantly titled “ The Internal Constitution of the Stars.” “A star is drawing on some vast reservoir of energy by means unknown,” he wrote. “This reservoir can scarcely be other than the sub-atomic energy which, it is known, exists abundantly in all matter; we sometimes dream that man will one day learn how to release it and use it for his service.”

From that moment, scientists began the quest to harness unlimited, carbon-free power on earth. They’ve built more than 200 reactors that have tried to slam hydrogen atoms together and release fusion energy. It’s a dream perennially called delusional, impossible, and “always 20 years away.” In 1985, recognizing that no country had the will to solve the world’s most complicated puzzle alone, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev called for an international effort to give it a go.

In 1988, engineers began designing the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, now just ITER. Along the way, 35 nations have split the $23.7 billion price tag to construct its 10 million parts. Now, surrounded by vineyards in France’s Saint-Paul-lès-Durance, the 25,000-ton machine is set to be flipped on in 2025.

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Energy abundance : The future of nuclear


Yes, I want nuclear energy *in my back yard*!

Extraordinary new innovations are giving us failsafe nuclear fission and the potential to achieve our age-old dream of fusion.

This year, Bill Gates commented: “Nuclear is ideal for dealing with climate change, because it is the only carbon-free, scalable energy source that’s available 24 hours a day. The problems with today’s reactors, such as the risk of accidents, can be solved through innovation.”

This blog is about convincing you to re-consider nuclear as a viable and critical idea. The upside of success is extraordinary, which is why, for the first time, we’re beginning to see venture capital make massive investments in the field.

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Will Lockheed Martin change the world with its new fusion reactor?


TEXAS, USA – JUNE 21: A F-35 fighter jet is seen as Turkey takes delivery of its first F-35 fighter jet with a ceremony at the Lockheed Martin in Forth Worth, Texas, United States on June 21, 2018. (Photo by Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Lockheed Martin’s secretive Skunkworks laboratory registered a patent in March for a revolutionary technology that could solve the world’s energy problems for good – but don’t pop the champagne yet. The design is for a compact fusion reactor (CFR) which theoretically produces cheap, clean, near limitless energy – all from a device that could fit on the back of a semi. If it sounds far-fetched, that’s because it is. The sustained generation of a fusion reaction has evaded scientists since the idea was first conceived over 70 years ago.

Lockheed Martin thinks they can change that.

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National Ignition Facility Houses the World’s Largest and Most Powerful Laser

aligning laser beams

A positioner centers the target inside the target chamber and serves as a reference to align the laser beams.

“Creating a miniature star on Earth” is the goal of the National Ignition Facility (NIF), home to the world’s largest and highest-energy laser in Livermore, California. On September 29th, 2010, the NIF completed its first integrated ignition experiment, where it focused its 192 lasers on a small cylinder housing a tiny frozen capsule containing hydrogen fuel, briefly bombarding it with 1 megajoule of laser energy. (Pics)


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Canadian Startup Believes They Can Deliver Cheap Nuclear Fusion


General Fusion’s reactor is a metal sphere with 220 pneumatic pistons designed to ram its surface simultaneously.

General Fusion, a startup in Vancouver, Canada, says it can build a prototype fusion power plant within the next decade and do it for less than a billion dollars. So far, it has raised $13.5 million from public and private investors to help kick-start its ambitious effort.

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Ultra-Dense Fuel Created That May Be The Ultimate Form Of Renewable Energy

Fuel Created That Is ‘More Dense Than The Core Of The Sun’

Ultra-dense deuterium is just as heavy as the sun’s core

It could be the perfect nuclear fuel. It generates energy via laser-enabled fusion. It has no radioactive byproducts. Has a group of Swedish researchers found the ultimate form of renewable energy for the 21st century?

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Will Russia Be Mining The Moon By The Year 2025?

Will Russia Be Mining The Moon By The Year 2025? 

Mining on the moon

According to news sources, the motivation behind a future expedition to the moon is the metal, Helium-3, which is commonly used in nuclear reactors and microchip technologies. This material is very rare on earth, but is thought to be in abundant supply on the Moon. Due to its scarcity, it is typically manufactured instead of recovered from natural deposits. Mining is just one of the factors behind the establishment of a potential moon base, as it could also provide the framework for industries considered as being harmful to the Earth’s environment and eco-system.

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Ford Fusion’s New Dashboard Helps Drivers Become More Fuel Efficient

 Ford Fusion’s New Dashboard Helps Drivers Become More Fuel Efficient


The Big Three promised to go green as part of their bailout deal. But Ford is starting in small ways, like with a new dashboard for their popular Fusion designed to encourage drivers to become more fuel-efficient by turning driving into a green game.

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