Virtuix Omni: An omni-directional virtual reality treadmill


Virtuix Omni

Thanks to the latest iterations of the Oculus Rift and imminent versions of various head mounted displays virtual reality is only getting bigger and better. But for a truly immersive experience, company Virtuix has created the ultimate virtual reality simulator: the Omni, an omni-directional virtual reality treadmill. (Video)



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Zamzee: Activity monitor and interactive gaming site gets kids moving

Zamzee at CES 2014

The Zamzee, created by HopeLab, is a small device that works by monitoring movement and physical activity in kids. That exercise information is then loaded onto a corresponding game website, where kids can go on to see how much they moved and earn points and rewards.


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Giant inflatable human bowling ball game

Human bowling ball game

How are you going to spend your summer?  You could go on a vacation and generate some silly memories that will only bring you a moment of satisfaction but won’t negate the constant, pesky issue called nagging kids.  So if the Sports Park 60 is a bit too far outside of your “I can handle that”, might we suggest the Human Bowling Ball.



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GameChanger game board for iPad

IL CES Direct Feed

iPad game changer

Bringing the board game experience to life.

A groundbreaking innovation! The new GameChanger from Identity Games is an electronic game board that works with your iPad.  Touch the board, the screen interacts.  It is a gaming experience the entire family can enjoy…

Article and photo by Deb Frey reporting directly from CES in Las Vegas.

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Is buying Monopoly’s Boardwalk really worth it?


Is buying Boardwalk the best strategy?

Monopoly is a bonding experience in some families. For other families, it’s a Machiavellian affair that tosses love and loyalty aside in favor of a capitalistic bloodlust where there is but one goal: Drive mom, dad, grandma and weird Uncle Steve into bankruptcy as soon as possible.


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Manéa for Your Mind


The Manéa is for sharpening your mind

In the very recent years, one of the best things to show up in newspapers are the Sudoku puzzles that often show up next to crossword puzzles. These numerical crosswords have become the mind-bending addiction that people sit on buses or at their desks trying to figure out as they pass the time. Mental training has definitely been a big thing in the past few years, with Sudoku, but also with the Brain Age and Brain Age-esque games for handheld consoles, especially the Nintendo DS family. These interactive mental training systems have become more than a fad, as they have managed to help us slow down the mental aging process. However, Italian designer Luigi Trabucco designed this mental trainer using a haptic “keyboard” design, making it an innovation in mental training.

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Angry Birds – Unlikely Pop-Culture Craze Goes From Cellphone Screen to Mainstream

angry bird day

Fans celebrate Angry Birds Day

It may sound like a tough sell: a game that involves catapulting birds at elaborate fortresses constructed by evil pigs.  But Angry Birds, a hit game by Rovio, a small Finnish company, is one of the unlikeliest pop-culture crazes of the year — and perhaps the first to make the leap from cellphone screens to the mainstream.


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