sports chair

Brobdingnagian sports chair

You know the drill if you’ve ever been on a long flight.  You’ve looked through all of your magazines, your book is at a slow point and your lapto p is out of power. It’s at this moment you pick up the SkyMall catalog, and marvel at the wonders within. (Pics)

In case it’s been a while since you’ve taken a transatlantic, consider this a SkyMall gift guide . Whether you actually consider these items gifts depends largely on how you feel about the recipients.

Brobdingnagian sports chair (Photo above)
Only one problem with the Brobdingnagian Sports Chair: Sitting in it makes you look Lilliputian. Real swift, guys.

“Scarface” limited-edition humidor set

Scarface humidor

A Blu-ray disc of the Pacino classic, tucked inside a humidor? Just how many times can you say “Say hello to my little friend” to your friends before they stop coming over? Trust me, you’ll never get $730 of impress-a-friend value out of this.

Cast-iron giraffe toilet paper holder


“Neck not tall enough for three rolls of toilet paper,” says one disgruntled reviewer. Not much more to add, is there?

StarScreen Social Backdrops


“Oh me? No, I’m not in my mom’s basement, I’m at the beach. Gonna go to a luau! Okay see ya bye!” Sigh.

Skel-E-Gnome, Skel-E-Gnomette and Skel-E-Dog


There’s no better way to signal to the kids next door to stay off the lawn . Just don’t be surprised if the cops come by, to take a peek in your freezer.

Flair Hair Visor – Adult


Wait, an “adult” fake hair hat for bald people? Please do not show me the Flair Hair Visor for kids. It will just make me cry.

Toilet dog & cat water bowl

water bowl

You better hope it’s not out in the open when you bring your friends back from the bar, lest Fido get a surprise-o in the morning.

Flickin’ Chicken Tournament

flickin chicken

What’s the most perfectly tossable object since the horseshoe? You totally said rubber chicken, didn’t you? Show off your chicken-tossing skills with this tournament-grade set.

Beer Machine Model 2000

beer machine

Wow, brewing beer used to take know-how. But now all you do is empty a packet into the vessel, wait 7 to 10 days, then drink your very own delicious beer? With progress like this, my guess is they’ll soon just start selling beer in stores.

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