Gastric bypass “surgery in a pill” points to inspired new treatment for diabetes


While gastric-bypass, or bariatric, surgery can be a very successful weight-loss treatment option for those suffering from obesity, it has also been seen to be extraordinarily effective in reversing type 2 diabetes. An exciting new study from a team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has now demonstrated an oral agent that can potentially mimic the effects of bariatric surgery to reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes.

For some years, researchers have identified a connection between gastric-bypass surgery and the reversal of type 2 diabetes. The exact mechanism at play is still unclear, but it seems to operate independently of the weight loss that comes as a consequence of the procedure. One recent study comprising 20,000 patients found that gastric bypass surgery completely cured 84 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes.

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Unapproved Weight-Loss Surgery Becoming More Common Among Teens

obese teens

Gastric banding has not being approved by the FDA for use in adolescents younger than age 18.

A type of weight-loss surgery not approved for adolescents is becoming more and more common among teens in California, according to a report published today.  Most of the patients are white girls, although they make up less than half of overweight youth, researchers say.


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