Mutant worm created that can’t get drunk


Genetically engineered worms could ultimately lead to anti-drunk pills for humans.

A team of researchers recently made a genetic tweak to worms’ brains that made it impossible for them to get drunk. More specifically, the scientists modified the worms’ genes so that a molecular channel that binds alcohol to their brains would no longer work. And humans have a similar molecular channel.



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New genetic test can trace your DNA back 1,000 years


The new DNA test was over 80 percent successful in tracing people from around the world back to their ancestral origins.

Most people can broadly trace our ancestral roots to a country or general region on the planet. But a new DNA test can locate where your relatives lived over 1,000 years ago, and in some cases, even pinpoint the specific village or island your ancestors came from.



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How Private Is Your DNA?

DNA privacy

How is my DNA NOT private?

Unlike the contents of your inbox, bank statement, or Facebook timeline, your DNA quite literally defines you. It’s strange, then, that in an age where sequencing the genome is becoming trivial, we don’t give a second thought about the privacy issues surrounding the chemicals that make us who we are.

In fact, most states in the US have absolutely no laws whatsoever to govern surreptitious genetic testing. If that surprises you, it gets worse. Back in 2006, the particularly forward-thinking state of Minnesota passed a law demanding that written consent had to be obtained for collection, storage, use, and sharing of genetic information. In 2011, however, the Minnesota Supreme Court judged that the state’s own department of health was in violation of that very law.

So, quite literally millions of US citizen have their DNA records stored on databases, and there are few laws governing what’s done with the data. Something has to be done about that—but it’s not necessarily as easy as it sounds.

Clamp down on DNA privacy…

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Blood test can determine fetal sex at seven weeks


The test analyzes fetal DNA found in the mother’s blood and can establish sex weeks earlier than other options.

A baby’s sex can be determined as early as seven weeks into pregnancy by a simple blood test.  The test is highly accurate if used correctly, a finding that experts say is likely to lead to more widespread use by parents concerned about gender-linked diseases, those who are merely curious and people considering the more ethically controversial step of selecting the sex of their children.


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Scientists a step closer to a ‘miracle’ treatment for genetic diseases

genetic breakthrough

Scientists claim they have come up with an entirely new way to rewrite the genetic code – reversing any flaws or faults.

Genetic diseases result from flaws in the body’s DNA that lead to the cells not functioning or developing as they should.  But, the genetic faults that cause diseases such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and some cancers could be repaired in a new technique described as a “miracle of modern medicine.”

Study: Being a Happy or Sad Drunk All Comes Down to Your Genetic Makeup

sad drunk

Drinking can make you happy or sad depending on your makeup.

Scientists have discovered that some people physically get a buzz from alcohol while others find it makes them depressed. The discovery could explain why some drinkers become angry and upset if they get intoxicated while others become merry and silly.

Women Who Gain Too Much Weight During Pregnancy Raise Child’s Obesity Risk


High birth weight babies increase a child’s risk of becoming obese.

Women who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy are more likely to have high-birth-weight babies, which may increase the children’s risk of becoming obese later in life, a new study suggests.The findings add to growing evidence of the importance of appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.


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Spanish Face Transplant Patient Thanks Doctors

face 568 rafael

‘Rafael’ happy with face transplant progress.

A 34-year-old Spanish face transplant patient yesterday appeared before the press with his new face, saying he was ‘happy’ and thanking his donor and medical team.

The man, whose name was given as Rafael, underwent a 30-hour operation on January 25 and 26 at Seville’s Virgen del Rocio hospital. More than 100 medical professionals participated directly or indirectly in the operation.

Most ‘Test Tube’ Kids Are Healthy and Normal


Elizabeth Carr, right, the USA’s first “test tube baby” graduates from college in 2004.

Over 30 years after the world greeted its first “test-tube” baby with a mixture of awe, elation and concern, researchers  are finding only a few medical differences between these children and kids conceived in the traditional way.


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Blame Your Genes for Stuttering


Stuttering is in the genes

Stuttering is less to do with nervousness and more to with your genes, scientists have discovered, in a breakthrough that could lead to new drug treatments.  Around one per cent of the population suffer from a stutter at some time during their lives and it has been assumed it was a symptom of severe anxiety.


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