Graphic: The price of college tuition


The average sticker price and average net price for tuition and fees at public and private colleges in the U.S. over the past 15 years.

There are two ways to think about college tuition price:

  1. Sticker price is the full price colleges list in their brochures and on their websites.
  2. Net price is the price students actually pay. Net price accounts for the fact that many students receive grants or scholarships. So it can be considerably lower than sticker price.

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FDA unveils graphic warning labels for all cigarette packs

warning cigarettes are addictive

One of the graphic warning labels to appear in cigarette packs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in a dramatic bid to get more Americans to quit smoking, on Tuesday released nine graphic warning labels that will appear on all packs of cigarettes by no later than September 2012.


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The Remarkable Paintings of Tetsuya Ishida


Man as the machine

Tetsuya Ishida was a remarkable and prolific Japanese painter who depicted scenes of ordinary Japanese life, but with the protagonist (a self portrait) always trapped in a machine-like body, or treated as part of a production line. He was born in June 1973 and died in 2005 after being hit by a train. Some think his death may have been a suicide. Here are a few of the images that represent his legacy. (Pics)


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Top 10 Photos of the Week

Top 10 Photos of the Week

 In a move designed to keep the US Navy off balance
Somali pirates are now attempting to hijack airplanes

Not everything in life is as it seems. In fact, perception is nine-tenths of our own reality. These photos are intended to show us not only how badly we suck at separating reality from the surreal, but also how surreal reality is, so help me cow. (Pics)

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