Diesel Cars Outsell Gas-Powered Cars in Britain For the First Time

 gas powered car

Sales of diesel cars have overtaken gas-run vehicles for the first time.

More diesel cars were sold in Britain last month than their petrol-driven counterparts, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) latest survey revealed.  The survey of new car registrations showed that in July diesel cars took a record high 50.6 per cent of the market share after rising 11.8 per cent while petrol car registrations declined by 13.2 per cent.

Golf Club That Uses Nitrogen-Charged Technology

Golf Club That Uses Nitrogen-Charged Technology 

Air Force One Golf Club 

It takes a golf swing speed of 110 mph to correctly compress the face of a golf club to maximize the smash factor (energy transfer from the swing to the ball). The fact is most golfers swing much slower and therefore aren’t getting the maximum distance. That’s where PowerBilt’s Air Force One driver comes in.

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SuperCar Hybrid Races Past Prius and Corvette


There’s a car that’s not slated for release until 2009 or 2010. It makes some wild claims. And no one in the media has driven it yet (since it’s still in production). But with those caveats in mind, continue on to drop your jaw at Hybrid Technologies’ upcoming still-nameless supercar.

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