Self-driving Toyota Prius, modified by Google.

Google is quietly lobbying legislators to make Nevada the first state to allow autonomous vehicles on public roads. The company’s self-driving cars might soon become more than a pet project.  (Video)


Google has created a line of self-driving hybrids, including six Toyota Priuses and an Audi TT. The vehicles have been tested on more than 140,000 miles of California roads, at least 1,000 of which were driven fully autonomously.

The company has hired Las Vegas-based lobbyist David Goldwater to promote the two bills, which should come to a vote before the state legislature’s session ends in June. One bill is an amendment to an existing electric vehicle law; the amendment would permit for the licensing and testing of self-driving cars; the second is an exemption that would allow for texting while driving.


Goldwater said in an address to the Nevada State Assembly on April 7 that self-driving vehicles are safer, more fuel-efficient and aid economic development.

To see one of Google’s autonomous cars in action, check out the above video taken at a TED conference in Long Beach, California, earlier this year.

Via Mashable