12 world changing predictions for 2014

The world will look very different a year from now.

It is never easy forecasting the future. We are living in a world in which the pace of innovation and scientific discovery makes reality seem more and more like science fiction. In the next year, those lines will get even more blurred: Think electronic pills that beam your vitals to your doctor, a drone swooping from the sky to save lives in a disaster, or even a fundamental rethinking of how businesses relate to society.


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Exploring the Future of Jobs and Education


On November 7, 2014, I attended the “Idea Jam – Innovating for the Future” session put on by the Pacific Center for Workforce Innovation in San Diego. The purpose of the session was to identify the major challenges to the San Diego workforce in the coming years and to generate audience participation in visioning exercises to explore new and innovative workforce development ideas. The event was held at Colman University, and major sponsors were SDG&E, Qualcomm, the Eastridge Group, Point Loma Nazarene College, and Cal State University, San Marcos.

To get our creative juices flowing, Master of Ceremonies Susan Taylor, San Diego’s TV news icon, introduced futurist speaker, Thomas Frey, of the DaVinci Institute as the keynote speaker. It is difficult to do justice to his very visual presentation of images of break-through technologies, but his statements alone created much food for thought about the future. He stated, “We are a backward-looking society…the future gets created in the mind. The future creates the present…Visions of the future affect the way people act today.” He rhetorically asked, “What are the big things that need to be accomplished today?

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The future of innovation is in ideas, not products

The new generation of innovators knows that the greatest innovations are the ones you can’t see.

In Asia, there is a shift underway of self-made entrepreneurs.  In the past 50 years, Asian commerce was dominated by larger-than-life conglomerate builders gathering assets under unofficial government protection. But this is changing. A new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging, outthinking the old guard.



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Ten simple ideas entrepreneurs turned into $100 million

life is good

Business is booming for Life is Good, with 2010 sales coming in at about $100 million.

There are a lot of people who have an idea for a business with the hopes that one day it will help them make millions. Ideas for businesses may be easy to come by but turning those ideas into huge successes is an entirely different story. There are many entrepreneurs with simple ideas and humble beginnings who have been able to effectively turn those ideas into booming businesses.  And here are ten ideas that did just that.

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