ET3 Indiegogo campaign to make tube transport technology a reality in California


Both Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) and Hyperloop want to compete against California High Speed Rail (HSR).  So, ET3 has begun an Indiegogo campaign to fund the legal research and drafting of a California proposition that will remove the obstacles holding back ET3 and Hyperloop from competing to deliver a next generation ground transportation system that the traffic and smog ridden residents of California deserve.



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The Kite patch makes you invisible to mosquitoes


Everyone hates mosquitoes, and the market is flooded with products aimed at getting you rid of the nuisance. A new product, the Kite patch claims to contain natural ingredients that, when worn, make you undetectable to the insects for 48 hours. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be worn on the skin, but will work just fine on clothing. We’re not sure what’s in it, but if it works as advertised, it should become an instant hit. Currently doing the crowdfunding dance on IndieGogo, the plan is for the makers to test the first batch in Uganda, where malaria is common. Once that’s done, and once they’ve received US EPA approval, Kite will become available stateside.



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Scrubba your clothes with this washing machine in a bag

Scrubba washer 234232

Scrubba washes where no others dare.

There’s always a trade-off when packing for extended trips—bring enough outfits to last the entire trip or bring fewer sets and hope you can find a local laundromat? Or, option three, bring the Scrubba wash bag along and do your own laundry.

The Scrubba is the brainchild of Ashley Newland, who devised the system while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro…

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Crowdfunding: 23 Unusual Ways it May be Applied


Futurist Thomas Frey: Michael Migliozzi and Brian Flatow started a website called in November 2009 who’s lofty goal was to buy the ailing century old Pabst Blue Ribbon beer company. Working to match the $300 million sale price, in less than two years the pair had attracted over 5 million investors pledging upwards of $280 million, with an average pledge of $40.

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