Giant inflatable human bowling ball game

Human bowling ball game

How are you going to spend your summer?  You could go on a vacation and generate some silly memories that will only bring you a moment of satisfaction but won’t negate the constant, pesky issue called nagging kids.  So if the Sports Park 60 is a bit too far outside of your “I can handle that”, might we suggest the Human Bowling Ball.



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Dean Kamen files patent application for an inflatable, illuminated wind turbine


Another new invention from Dean Kamen.

Inflatable wind turbines may not be an entirely new idea, but prolific inventor Dean Kamen has detailed one of a slightly different sort in a recently published patent application. In addition to generating energy for general use, the turbine would also be able to power a set of LEDs adorning the turbine itself, which could be used to display advertising or other information using a persistence of vision effect…

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Adventures on a Canopy Raft


A new viewpoint for research.

How do researchers study the tops of rain forests? One way is to use a canopy raft, which is flown up and settled on the very tops of trees.

Canopy rafts are extraordinary things. they’re basically enormous nets attached to an inflatable frame and are dropped onto trees from airships, resulting in a viewing platform like no other which can also be used as a base from which to hang using climbing gear. the raft above is the solvin bretzel, a new design by gilles ebersolt which due to its pretzel-inspired shape is both safer to use and more effective than older versions. researchers can spend days at a time on the raft (hence the tent) and due to its extremely light weight the trees are left unharmed…

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Inflatable Water Ball Lets You Walk On Water


Shinra Manufacturers of Guangzhou, China has made it possible for you to walk on water with the Inflatable Water Ball.  Now, I’m all for the idea of being able to walk on water.  Really, I am.  I think it would be pretty cool in a nondenominational deity sort of way.  But…

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Inflatable Church Makes it’s Debut on Adriatic coast

Inflatable Church Makes it’s Debut on Adriatic coast

 Would you trust this man to blow up your church?

Catholic nuns and priests in Italy are following their flocks to the beach this summer, establishing an inflatable church and a beach-convent in the sands to lure sunbathers.

The 30-metre long blow-up church – staffed by priests ready to take confession – will debut on Saturday on the Adriatic coast in the Molise region, an organizer said. (Pics)

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