3D-printed nerve stem cells could help patch up spinal cord injuries


A 3D-printed device, loaded with neuronal stem cells, that can be implanted into an injured spinal cord to help “bridge” the damage,

Spinal injuries can be like downed power lines – even if everything on either side of the injury is perfectly functional, the break can effectively shut down the whole system. Now, researchers at the University of Minnesota have designed a device that could link everything back together again. A silicone guide, covered in 3D-printed neuronal stem cells, can be implanted into the injury site, where it grows new connections between remaining nerves to let patients regain some motor control.

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Stem cells repair and strengthen muscles in aged mice

elderly man

Stem cell therapy could be used to help older patients recover from muscular injuries.

People become less able to bounce back from injuries as they age. This is a problem that adds risk to many of the common medical procedures the elderly face. At the same time, stem cells’ greatest promise is to allow people to produce new, healthy tissue to recover from illness or injury. But because stem cell therapies remain cutting edge, they have largely been used to target life-threatening problems such as heart failure.



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Flipping a single molecular switch can make an old brain young

Scientists have long known that the young and old brains are very different.

A single molecular switch, that when flipped, helps create the mature neuronal connections that allow the brain to bridge the gap between adolescent impressionability and adult stability.



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Top 5 most dangerous tech products

dangerous tech products

There are 18,000 injuries a year, one child death every two weeks from flat-panel tv’s.

Our lives are enhanced in numerous ways by the electronic products we have in our homes.  Even though these products may enhance our lives on a daily basis they can also be the most dangerous products we have.  They are putting some of us, especially young children and the elderly, at risk of serious injury or even death.   The risks run from flat-panel TVs that topple onto toddlers, to button-sized batteries that become poisonous pills.


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