It’s the Comedian, Not the Joke, That Makes People Laugh


‘It’s the way I tell ’em’

Do you ever wonder why repeating a famous joke never gets the same laughs? It is not how you tell them but who tells them that matters, a study has shown.  Researchers have found that how funny people perceive a gag to be depends on the person who is telling it, not the quality of the material.

Top 10 Photos of the Week

Sorry, but the rest of the world is laughing at you, not with you

Gloomy days often give you a gloomy outlook on life. Much like too much time in the sun will give you a sunburn, too much time in the gloom will give you a “gloomburn.” The only way to fix a gloomburn is to rub a mixture of apple pie and sunshine on the inside of your mind. Very few doctors know why it works, they just know that it does. (Pics)


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Are Mother-In-Law Jokes A Thing of the Past?


The modern mother-in-law doesn’t recognize herself in the old-fashioned stereotype which inspired British comedian Les Dawson’s jokes

Comic Les Dawson made a career out of cracking them – yet mother-in-law jokes have faded from Britain’s stand-up comic scene, it has been revealed.  Modern comedians are shunning the tried-and-tested pop at the wive’s mothers for more relevant material in a bid to keep their audiences rolling in the aisles.


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Top 10 Photos of the Week

Top 10 Photos of the Week

April Fools Day is always great fun for the “road guy” and his sneaky “instant highways”

This week the photos are exceptional. As always, the caption are bizarre and the humor comes from left field. As the planets align, and the uberness of the masses becomes less uber and more massive, keep in mind that only the truly gifted few will be able to duct tape their arch enemies to the sides of moving vehicles. (Pics)

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Top 10 Photos of the Week

Top 10 Photos of the Week

 When her friends told her the food was exceptional, she truly had no idea it would be this good!

This week’s photos have a way of reversing gravity, making tornadoes spin backwards, and having extra socks show up in your dryer. All wrongs will be righted, all illnesses cured, and all hangnails will have better hang-time. May your coming week be as adventurous as these crazy photos.


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