Scientists just made implantable batteries powered by body fluids


Scientists have built flexible batteries for use in wearable electronics and medical implants that can operate from inside your body, powered by liquids like saline solution and cell-culture. Both the efficiency and the output of the batteries out-performed lithium-ion.

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Growing Neural Implants

 Growing Neural Implants

Anything worth having, is worth implanting

New approaches could more seamlessly integrate medical devices into the body.

Conductive polymer coatings that weave their way into implanted tissue might one day improve the performance of medical implants, such as cochlear implants and brain stimulators used to treat Parkinson’s disease. In early studies, neural interfaces coated with an electrically conductive polymer outperformed conventional metal counterparts. Scientists at the University of Michigan hope that the material’s novel properties will help lessen the tissue damage caused by medical implants and boost long-term function.

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