7 Historic Changes That Have Transformed the Future Of Entrepreneurship

Steve Blank g7a4

Steve Blank:  I’ve spent my life in innovation, eight startups in 21 years, and the last 15 years in academia teaching it.

I lived through the time when working in my first job in Ann Arbor Michigan we had to get out a map to find out that San Jose was not only in Puerto Rico but there was a city with that same name in California. And that’s where my plane ticket ought to take me to install some computer equipment.

39 years ago I got on that plane and never went back.

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Micro-entrepreneurship a growing trend

do it yourself economy

Do-it-Yourself Economy

Russell Howze was working as a creative at an advertising agency in Atlanta when he got laid off due to budget cuts years ago.  For years he spent his time piecing together work through various corporate jobs, until he decided to follow his heart. Russell then  founded a nonprofit organization for artists, and now supplements his income running street art tours through Vayable in his spare time.

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