A satellite tour of the world’s biggest slums

kamagasaki japan slum

Kamagasaki, Japan. A slum in Nishinari-Ku one of 24 wards in Osaka, with a density of 30,000 people in every 2000 meter radius. Source: Androniki Christodoulou

Booming urban populations have seen poverty on the rise in some of the world’s biggest cities. Of the 3.49 billion people that now live in cities, 827.6 million are slum dwellers, according to a UN Habitat Report. Global slums can be vastly different in nature…

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Mumbai to Delhi train travel time could be cut to only 7 hours

golden rail corrider

At present the train travel time from Mumbai to Delhi runs 16 hours.

Train travel time between the national and the commercial capitals of India could soon come down by at least half to only seven hours.  The infrastructure for the Golden Rail Corridor, which will have trains running at semihigh speed (160-200 kmph) between New Delhi and Mumbai, is likely to cost around Rs 5,000 crore, according to railway officials.  They say the cost is relatively low as the railways will not have to acquire land for the project.

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