Hacking our nervous system


Former gymnast Maria Vrind from Volendam in the Netherlands, had to accept that things had reached a crisis point, when she found that the only way she could put her socks on in the morning was to lie on her back with her feet in the air.  “I had become so stiff I couldn’t stand up,” she says. “It was a great shock because I’m such an active person.”   Continue reading… “Hacking our nervous system”

Neurogaming trends are revolutionize the gaming industry


Neurogaming is where the mind and body meet game-play.

New gaming platforms, segments, and technologies are being introduced and adopted faster than ever before – sometimes more rapidly than we can grasp their full potential. There are some exciting times ahead in the neurogaming ecosystem.



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Breakthrough prosthetic hand restores amputee’s sense of touch

Dennis Sørensen smiles confidently with his new robotic hand as he flexes his robotic fingers, and gingerly closes them around a disposable plastic cup. Sørensen is blindfolded but he instantly recognizes what he is touching. Round. Hard. Breakable. Lethargic sensory nerves, rusty and unused since an accident nine years ago, begin to stir.


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The future of brain-to-brain communication

University of Washington researchers.

The first brain-to-brain communication occurred when a rat pressed a lever, anticipating the tasty reward it’d been trained to expect. An implant in the rat’s brain converted its neural activity into an electronic signal and beamed the impulse to the brain of the second rat, which leaped forward and pressed a lever in its own cage . But rat #2 had never been trained to press the lever. Its movement impulse came not from its own brain, but directly from the brain of rat #1 – despite the fact that the two were separated by thousands of miles.



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