Can old age be reversed by infusing blood from the young?


August 2008, Tony Wyss-Coray waited for his lab’s weekly meeting to begin at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California. Wyss-Coray, a professor of neurology at Stanford University, was leading a young group of researchers who studied ageing and neurodegeneration. As a rule, the gatherings were forgettable affairs – the incremental nature of scientific progress does not lend itself to big surprises. But a lab member scheduled to speak that day had taken on a radical project, and he had new results to share.

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Great Idea for Old Credit Cards

 Great Idea for Old Credit Cards

The only good use for old American Express cards is picking out some classic Clapton tunes

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all of your old credt cards, here’s an ingenious new idea. Handmade guitar picks. Most are made from old plastic cards (gift cards, credit cards, hotel room keys, etc.) Other materials are cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging.

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Germany: What to Do with Hitler’s Submarine Bunker?

Germany: What to Do with Hitler’s Submarine Bunker?

4,000 people died in the construction of Hitler’s Submarine Bunker

The submarine bunker is gigantic — and expensive. A World War II-era military facility is slowly succumbing to the elements, and nobody seems willing to pay for its upkeep. In fact, the German armed forces has offered it for sale.

The bunker Valentin was built by the Nazis as a bomb-proof submarine factory. It never went into use, but 4,000 slave laborers, concentration camp inmates and prisoners of war died in its construction. More photos after the jump.

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Dumping Old Subway Cars Into the Atlantic

Dumping Old Subway Cars Into the Atlantic

The setup certainly doesn’t make it sound positive: The Redbird Reef off the coast of Slaughter Beach, Delaware is a dump site for retired New York City subway cars, and there are already nearly 700 of them on the ocean floor. Before you cry foul, consider the words of Jeff Tinsman, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s artificial reef program manager, who told the New York Times: “They’re basically luxury condominiums for fish.” (Pics)

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