Breakthrough solar panel can harvest power from raindrops — day or night

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In a truly remarkable feat of innovation, scientists have figured out how to create “hybrid” solar cells that generate power not just from sunlight but also from raindrops. This means we may soon see all-weather solar panels that work when it is cloudy and even at night, if it’s raining.

Solar has soared in recent years, as panel prices have dropped so fast that solar keeps crushing its own record for the cheapest power “ever, anywhere, by any technology” — even without a subsidy.

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A ‘bioconcrete’ house that turns rain into drinking water


Rain House

This concrete house turns into an oversized water filter every time it rains. Rainwater runs from the roof through a custom-designed system and ends up in a cistern, clean enough to drink. A demonstration building was on display during Milan Design Week last month, complete with a fake cloud overhead to show it in action. (Photos)



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China to combat smog with artificial rain

Will cloud seeding work to wash the smog out of the air?

China has a severe air pollution problem. Smog has done everything from grounding planes at major airports to closing schools across the country. China’s smog is so dense that it’s even crept over to Japan and across other parts of Asia. China is working on putting measures into place to combat pollution, but they still need a more immediate solution for clearing up the heavy smog. According to the China Meteorological Administration, he country is putting its hopes on artificial rain.



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Smart headlight system lets drivers see through rain and snow

Smart headlights

I am sure everyone has noticed when driving through a pounding thunderstorm or heavy snowfall at night that your headlights illuminate the maelstrom of raindrops or flakes more than they shed light on the road ahead. This safety hazard can be greatly reduced by anticipating the movement and velocity of the drops or flakes and shining the headlights into the spaces between them, according to a team of researchers who’ve built just such a “smart” headlight system.



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Airplanes can alter weather increasing chances of rain and snow: Study


Aircraft increase the chances of snow or rain when they punch holes in clouds after taking off.

Airplanes can influence local weather when they take off and land.  Aircraft increase the chances of snow and rain during take off and landing, according to a  new study, published in the ‘Science’ journal. The finding is based on satellite images of clouds around airports.

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The Dogbrella

dogbrella 2345

Keep your K9 dry in the rain.

Keep your dog dry while walking them in the rain with The Dogbrella.

This inverted bumbershoot forms a waterproof cocoon around a small dog, enabling canine and master to maintain a walking regimen in inclement weather. The umbrella is made from clear polypropylene that sheds rain, sleet, and snow while allowing an unfettered view of your walking companion…

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What Makes the Rocks Move in Death Valley When No One is Looking?

rock in death valley

Long trails showing rocks’ movement make phenomenon all the stranger.

Unforgiving sun, punishingly hot days, freezing nights, no water, and a name like Death Valley keep people away from this ultra-dry section of California. Those who do venture there notice that sometimes, in some places, rocks just move. They don’t do it a lot, and they never do it when anyone is watching. Make no mistake, though, they do it. They leave behind long, even grooves in the packed dust to prove it.


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