The future of pothole repair is Silly Putty

pot hole

Pot holes pepper highways everywhere.

Fixing a hole in a road should be easy—but the fact that our nation’s highways are littered with potholes is testament to the fact that it’s not quite as straightforward as it sounds. But a new solution, inspired by silly putty, could make our streets much smoother in the future.

In fact, the idea—developed by students from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland—has won an engineering contest, reports Science. But prize-winning or not, the idea of mending a road with something like silly putty sounds like madness, right?

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Paving Roads With Pig Manure

pig-teeth 22
Creating New Uses For Excrement
A stretch of interstate highway near St. Louis, Missouri is now paved with asphalt made from pig manure:

“Whew!” gasped a worker with Pace Construction Co., the St. Louis County road contractor that joined forces with Innoventor, the Earth City-based engineering and design firm that perfected the process of converting the animal waste into a bio-oil used in asphalt binder.

To others, the air swelled with the sweet smell of potential for new manufacturing opportunities, jobs and, possibly, profits. How big is that potential? Nobody knows yet.

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Road Salt is Affecting Aquatic Life And Drinking Water Across North America


Mountain of road salt, Toronto. Image: katalogue on flickr

Mountains of salt are spread on snowy roads in North America every winter, and environmentalists have been complaining about it for years. But studies are piling up that indicate that the cost may be too high.

Martin Mittelstaedt reports in the Globe and Mail about a new study of Frenchman’s Bay, a lagoon off Lake Ontario by University of Toronto Geologists. The conclusion:

“Our findings are pretty dramatic, and the effects are felt year-round,” said Nick Eyles, a geology professor at the university and the lead researcher on the project. “We now know that 3,600 tonnes of road salt end up in that small lagoon every winter from direct runoff in creeks and effectively poison it for the rest of the year.”

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GPS Angel Red Light/Speed Camera Warning System


The all new GPS Angel Red Light/Speed Camera warning system is designed to warn you of red lights and fixed speed cameras. It’s completely road legal and easy to use, just simply place it on your dashboard and switch on.

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