Science explains why we should all work shorter hours in winter


People tend to feel gloomier when the nights draw in and cold weather descends. But altering our working hours to fit the seasons could help lift our mood

For many of us, winter, with its chillier days and lingering nights, ushers in with it a general sense of malaise. It’s increasingly difficult to peel ourselves out of bed in the half-light of morning, and, hunched over our desks at work, we can feel our productivity draining away with the remnants of the afternoon sun.

For the small subsection of the population who experience full-blown seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it’s even worse – winter blues mutate into something far more debilitating. Sufferers experience hypersomnia, low mood and a pervasive sense of futility during the bleaker months. SAD notwithstanding, depression is more widely reported during winter, suicide rates increase, and productivity in the workplace drops during January and February.

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Study: Being a Happy or Sad Drunk All Comes Down to Your Genetic Makeup

sad drunk

Drinking can make you happy or sad depending on your makeup.

Scientists have discovered that some people physically get a buzz from alcohol while others find it makes them depressed. The discovery could explain why some drinkers become angry and upset if they get intoxicated while others become merry and silly.


Scientists Predict Disappearance Of Aspens In Rocky Mountains By 2090


Every year around this time, “leaf peepers” from all over the world descend on Colorado’s mountain towns to gape at the white-trunked aspen trees as they don their fall colors, setting the hillsides ablaze with bright swaths of yellow and orange foliage. But a mysterious syndrome may leave the Rocky Mountains aspen-free by 2090.


Upbeat Music Creates Illusion That Everyone Around You Is Happy

Upbeat Music Creates Illusion That Everyone Around You Is Happy 

Experts say that listening to Girls Aloud can convince you that other people are in a good mood

Listening to cheerful music can be one way to put you in a good mood on the way into work.  But beware – it can also make you think that everyone else feels just as happy as you do.

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Sleeping Patterns Governed by Light

Sleeping patterns governed by light

The eye uses light to reset the biological clock

If you think that biological clock only reminds us to shut eye every 24 hours, you are wrong. A new study has found that it’s actually light which governs the sleeping patterns of people. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have carried out the study and discovered that the eye uses light to reset the biological clock through a mechanism which is separate from the ability to see.

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