Salaries for blockchain engineers are skyrocketing, now on par with AI experts

Blockchain engineers are making between $150,000 and $175,000 in annual salaries on average.

Blockchain engineers are the top paid roles in software development, on par with specialists focused on artificial intelligence.

Demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 400 percent since late 2017 on Hired, a firm that helps clients recruit tech candidates.

The value of cryptocurrencies might be down in the dumps, but demand for blockchain engineers has never been higher.

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Swiss government to pay every adult basic income of $2,800 a month


The 2,500 francs would work out to be an income of 30,000 Swiss francs per year.

Every Swiss adult may start getting a salary of over $2,800 (2,500 francs) per month whether they work or not. Switzerland has based this on the idea that their citizens will have more time to devote to things they are intrinsically interested in, instead of spending the majority of their time worrying about how they are going to survive, as many individuals with entry level positions find it hard to meet their needs.  The income initiative promises every Swiss citizen a living wage , so they can always survive without basic financial worry.



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14 occupations that pay $35 an hour

Agricultural engineers measuring the reflectance of sunlight from cotton plants.

Agricultural engineers, computer programmers, financial analysts and radiation therapists are just a few of the many occupations that earn a median hourly salary of $35, or about $70,000 per year.If a paycheck like that sounds desirable to you, consider any of the following 14 jobs.


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U.S. cities with the biggest (and smallest) paychecks

Number 1 on the list – San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA.

Do you want to make more money? It’s easy, just move to San Jose, Houston, or Washington D.C. Well, maybe it’s not really so easy. Of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn a bigger paycheck in these cities—but it is more likely, as they’re among the highest-paying metro areas in the country.



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The average CEO makes 380 times as much as the average employee

The average CEO makes more in an hour than his or her average employee makes in a month.

The rise of extreme income and wealth inequality is one of the biggest crises in the American economy.  One of the causes of the wealth inequality is the bizarre consensus that, when it comes to the pay scales of the people at the top, there’s no such thing as “too much.”


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CEO pay 231 times more than average workers in the U.S.


The pay gap between U.S. CEOs and average workers is higher than anywhere else in the developed world.

In the U.S. the average chief executive earned more than $11 million last year in salary, stock options and other compensation. new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute found. That’s around 231 times more than average workers.

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Top 7 highest paying Silicon Valley companies

twitter silicon valley

Average salary at Twitter is $120, 111.11

As you might expect, former Google Engineer Gareth Jones is a number whiz.  He created TechCompany Pay using “open sources of information on the internet”.   TechCompany Pay is a list of averages representing how well the biggest companies in Silicon Valley compensate their employees.


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Top 25 CEO’s earned more than their company’s tax bills

top ceo's

The gap between CEO and average U.S. worker pay rose from a ratio of 263-to-1 in 2009 to 325-to-1 last year.

A report released Wednesday from the Institute for Policy Studies shows many large companies pay more to CEOs in compensation than they did in corporate income taxes to the federal government in 2010.


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