Top 10 lazy ways to appear smarter than you are


Just believing you can get smarter is enough to make you smarter.

Having smarts is all the rage now.  We aren’t just talking about street smarts but we’re talking about brainy smarts. Unfortunately, getting smarter involves work and work is something smart people prefer to avoid. Fortunately, appearing smarter is much easier than actually being smarter.



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Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!


A great smile at a certain price.

Want your child to turn that frown upside down? By any means necessary? This feels like it belongs on Arrested Development, alongside the injury-inducing cornballer, but amazingly enough it’s areal thing. And there’s only a “slight twitch side effect!” Hooray for science!

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The Greatest Roller Coaster Pictures Ever

One too many tacos!
The fine folks over at Anorak have posted a series of outrageous roller coaster photos.
ANORAK presents a gallery of the greatest, weirdest, stupidest roller coaster ride pictures ever. What Jimmy Savile did with cubs (picture 10), we have done with a cast of hundreds. You know how it is – you wait for hours in the sun and then at the moment of release pull a face Justin Bieber would be proud to call his own.
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The Secret Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile


Leonard DaVinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa

The secret behind Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile has been explained by scientists who believe it changes depending on which part of the eye sees it first.  One of the charms of the world’s most famous painting is that she appears radiant one moment and then serious and sardonic the next.  Now scientists claim to have come up with an answer to her changing moods – our eyes are sending mixed signals to the brain.


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Making The Masses Smile: T-Mobile Dance Videos


Watch this video FIRST

As we go through our days we should always look for and share humor with others. Life is so much better when you’re smiling!
Here’s a fun example of making the masses smile.
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