Start-up Rate Plummets as Fragile Economy Deters Entrepreneurship


Start-up activity plummets in first half of 2010.

A new survey shows that start- up activity plummeted in the first half of 2010 as would-be entrepreneurs were either scooped up by employers or scared off by fragile economic conditions, a tight lending market and uncertainty over the sustainability of the recovery.

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Plug-And-Play Solar Panels By Veranda Solar

Plug-And-Play Solar Panels

Veranda Solar Panels 

Solar start-up Veranda Solar wants to change the world of solar power the way Apple changed computers. Veranda got a big head-start on financing the start-up when the company was awarded 100,000€ as runner-up in the PICNIC Green Challenge, funded by the Dutch postcode lottery. The solar panels Veranda uses are nothing special. The prototypes were developed in cooperation with Stanford University and SunPower Corp. No new photovoltaic advances, no biomimicry.

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Ecovative Design’s Greensulate Revolutionizes Insulation

Ecovative Design’s Greensulate Revolutionizes Insulation 

Ecovative Design’s Greensulate (building insulation) and Negative Volume (packaging) are manufactured -or rather, grown-from agricultural waste products like rice hulls, which are combined with water, recycled paper and living mushroom cells to create panels that can be used to insulate buildings or protect packages during shipment.

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