Working from home ups risk of exhaustion


Workers with existing “conflict” between their work and home roles tended to end the day much more tired than those who made sure there was a clear separation of the two.

Working from home might be touted as the solution for those seeking ‘work-life balance’, but a study indicates it leaves many exhasted trying to juggle both at the same time. An American academic, Professor Timothy Golden, said the experience often proved counter-productive, with home-workers caught between the demands of the office and the demands of family life.

Stress becomes number one cause of long-term absence from work


Stress has become number one cause of long-term illness.

The pressure of the recession is taking it’s toll as stress becomes the number one cause of long-term absence from work for first time, figures show.  Research in almost 600 organizations also showed a link between job security and mental health issues, with employers planning redundancies ”significantly” more likely to report problems among their staff.

What stress actually does to you and what you can do about it

stress topic_effects

Stress is an unpleasant fact of life. We all experience it for various reasons, and we all try to come up with ways of coping with it—some with more success than others. So what exactly is stress doing to your mind (and body) when you’re staring down a deadline? And what can you do to power through it?

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‘Workplace incivility’ a growing problem: study

workplace incivility

Workplace incivility is on the rise.

Are you stressed on the job? Do rude,  inconsiderate, or unpleasant coworkers add to your list of headaches? “Workplace incivility” is on the rise,  said researchers at the American Psychological Association annual meeting on Sunday.


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Feeling anxious? 5 Scientifically proven relaxation techniques


Is it time to destress and relax?

Everyone gets anxious from time to time: there’s public speaking, job interviews, the dentist and all the rest. For about one in six of us this will cross over into what psychologists term a disorder at some point in our lives. This is when people are almost continuously anxious and find it difficult to concentrate, have trouble sleeping and become irritable and restless…

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Alpha males may look in control but they are more stressed out than their lowly counterparts


Maintaining a lofty position in the social hierarchy causes your stress levels to rocket.

Researchers found that while alpha males get the pick of the girls, the money and the power they pay a heavy price for their dominance.

City dwellers suffer more stress and anxiety than their rural counterparts


Different parts of the brain are used depending on where you live.

People born and bred in cities were more likely to suffer anxiety or mood disorders than their rural counterparts.  People living in the countryside are less likely to suffer stress and anxiety than city dwellers because their brains are wired differently, a study has found.


Single Moms at Risk of Poor Health Later in Life

single mom

Stress and financial strain may take toll.

Moms who had children outside of marriage may be at risk for poor health later in life.  Thousands of mothers who participated in a 30-year study, but the ones who had delivered children outside of marriage reported being less healthy when they reached their 40s than the ones who had postponed motherhood until after marriage.


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